Lucas James, Celebrity Personal Trainer, Shares Tips On How to Remedy Low Testosterone in Men Naturally

According to our resident Scottsdale Personal Training guru, Lucas James, low testosterone is not just an old man’s problem. In recent years, men in their 30’s and 40’s are also reporting low testosterone counts to their doctors. But many don’t get that something is wrong until they have to see a doctor about erectile dysfunction.

Normally testosterone in bloodstream is somewhere between 300 and 1000 ng/dl. But, testosterone levels start to wane with progressing age. By the time a man hits 40, he has started experiencing brittle bones and muscle Increase Men's Testosterone Naturally Scottsdale AZloss leading to impotence by age 60. That is if he gets to live that long, as low testosterone levels in blood have been known to cause heart attacks and other fatal problems. This slow and fatal decrease in testosterone in a man’s body is called hypogonadism, and may be caused from a long list of things including prescription drugs, a pituitary gland disorder and testicular injury etc.

Research shows that men over the age of 45, suffering from low testosterone levels, are more susceptible to suffering from obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure than others with normal testosterone levels. Although there is no indication that hypogonadism causes these conditions, in fact, the causality may be the other way round. But the fact remains that men suffering poor health are also prone to develop low testosterone levels.

Our Scottsdale personal trainer shares the following tips to safeguard from low testosterone levels and how to raise those using safe and completely natural methods.

Best Exercises

Lucas James, Celebrity Personal Trainer, suggests that it’s best to stick with the tough exercises. Studies support this advice as there is evidence that squats, bench pressing and back rows are far more effective for increasing testosterone. And even though it may seem that you are actually using the same amount of effort when doing bicep curls and triceps push downs, these exercises aren’t nearly as beneficial as the ones mentioned above.

It is also important to squeeze out at least five repetitions per set. According to a European study, the best workload to increase testosterone is started by using a weight that is heavy enough to be lifted five times only. Or you can stop by the best facilities for personal training for all the pointers.

It is also recommended that do a minimum of three sets of each weight-lifting movement to get the full benefits for your testosterone levels. According to a research conducted at Penn State University, doing at least three sets of each exercise results in greater testosterone level increases than doing just one or two sets.

It is also imperative to get complete rest; doctors recommend at least a minutes rest between sets. So you can regain your strength and continue lifting for maximum benefit.

Healthy Food

Raise Low Testosterone in MenIf you feel the need for midnight snacks then nuts should be your number one choice. AZ fitness lovers should know that men who eat diets rich in monounsaturated fat have the highest levels of testosterone according to a study. Monounsaturated fat can be found in peanuts, olive oil, canola oil, and peanut butter. Scientists aren’t sure why monounsaturated fat has such an amazing effect on testes, but it does.

Next, make sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet if you want to maximize your testosterone levels. A healthy meal plan is important and can do a body a lot of good when combined with lots of exercise and the right attitude.

Zinc is also shown to affect testosterone levels positively. So consult a doctor and get multivitamins that contain Zinc along with Vitamin B6 and Magnesium to aid in Zinc absorption. These minerals can greatly aid in raising testosterone levels.

Other Healthy or Natural Ways to Raise It

Testosterone is affected by lifestyle decisions. So make some basic modifications to your life such as reducing alcohol. Normal healthy men can experience a 30% drop in their testosterone levels when consuming personally reasonable levels of alcohol.  So for those of us already running low on testosterone, indulging in even acceptable levels of alcohol is a big no-no. Chronic alcoholics can have their testosterone levels reduced by up to 50% resulting in the loss of facial hair, impotency and increased fat deposits in the chest area.

It is also important for men to build muscle mass that is healthy and natural. Keep a tab on your sleeping patterns as a reduction in sleep can have a huge impact on testosterone. Keep your bedroom cooler than the rest of the house. Always use the bathroom before going to bed and don’t sleep in tight pants or on your stomach.

Follow these simple rules for a better, happier, healthier lifestyle.


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