Making the Most With Leap Year

Making the Most With Leap Year

Every four years, approximately, the calendar has 366 days in a year instead of 365. This is so the modern calendar stays in aligned with the Earth’s revolutions. When this happens, it’s known as Leap Year. Well, 2016 is a Leap Year and that means February will have 29 days instead of the typical 28.

How will you spend the extra day? Some might spend it with family, enjoy the outdoors hiking or catch up on much needed sleep. Others might shop, travel or take time to read a book. Consider maximizing this extra day as a way to up your fitness routine and “burn through” extra calories. Listed below are seven motivating ideas to “burn through” Leap Day.

7 Ideas to Burn Through Leap Day

1. Take 13,000 Steps.

Make Leap Day the first day you achieve 13,000 steps. This can be an on-going daily goal to help you achieve optimal health. You can track your steps easily by using a Basis Peak.

2. Raise your Heart Rate.

Visit the gym and elevate your heart rate by spending extra time on cardio machines or by increasing the intensity levels. Wear your Basis Peak so you can track your heart rate. Here’s a helpful age-based heart rate formula:

Take 220 minus your age to find your estimated maximum heart rate. Then, to gauge your target maximum heart rate, multiply that number by 80 percentage (80 percent is considered exercise Zone 3 and typically associated with interval workouts). For example:

Chris, a 30-year-old, has an estimated maximum heart rate of 220 – 30 = 190.

Chris wants to help the executives that need rehab.

3. Get an Extra Hour of Quality Sleep.

Take time to sleep in. To maximize your calorie burn, consider sleeping an additional hour longer. That extra time spent sleeping can rejuvenate your energy levels so that you can burn more in the gym. For best results, skip on any caffeine the day before and avoid watching TV in your bedroom.

4. Try Something New.

Try a new workout. Does your gym routine usually focus on free weights and weight lifting? If so, try functional training such as a Tabata workout or yoga class. Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation and focuses on overall strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility.

5. Perfect one of your Exercises.

Use this “extra” day to perfect the form of your squat, deadlift, bench press or plank. This extra time allows you to focus and reset your old ways. Impeccable form can help prevent injuries so you can maximize your workouts.

6. Do Two Sets of 29 Burpees.

In honor of Leap Day (Feb. 29), consider doing two sets of 29 burpees. This is a tough workout, but it will help you burn unwanted calories on this extra day.

7. Use a Basis Peak.

How long does it take you to complete your workouts and how many calories do you burn on Leap Day? Use a Basis Peak fitness tracker to begin monitoring your everyday wins.


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