Men’s 20 Minute Full Body Workout

Men’s 20 Minute Full Body WorkoutWaking up early before work is hard, especially when the sun is slower to rise in the morning.  Getting out of bed can be hard, but once you are up, it gets easier.  The next thought is the gym, but you did not pack your gym bag, you have to shower at the gym, and you need to wear a suit today.  When days start out like this, you can be pushed back to where the gym may be the last thing on your mind.  Take the time to stop at the gym (or your home) to complete that early morning workout.  A quick, effective 20 minute workout can be the one thing you need start your day off right and give you confidence throughout the day.  Consider the following 20 minute, full body, morning workout if you are a man on the run and in a hurry.

Effective 20 Minute Men’s Full Body Workout

The catch of this 20 minute full body workout is that you will need bands and dumbbells for equipment and your own body weight.  If you have these at home, great you have another option.  If not, you will need to find them at your gym.  Perform the exercises in order and try completing each to the prescribed workout listed.  If needed, modify to fit your needs.

  • Warm-up- You need to warm your body up, especially since you are essentially exercising with a cold body. You will need five minutes of jogging, jumping, jumping jacks, rows after reading the light push-ups, jogging in place, or a couple burpees in order to raise your heart rate and warm the muscles.  5 minutes.
  • Thrusters with a Band- Grab a resistance band to start the workout. Perform a thruster by essentially performing a squat and a shoulder press above.   This will work your legs, shoulders, and triceps in one exercise.  Aim to complete as many repetitions as you can in 60 seconds.  60 seconds.
  • Shoulder Front Raise with a Band- Keep the band and perform front raises. Only raise the hands as high as your shoulders and lower in a slow and controlled manner to get the most from the exercise.  The bands create constant pressure and resistance through this range of motion to work your muscles in an efficient manner.  Complete as many repetitions as you can in 60 seconds.  60 seconds.
  • Push-Ups with Bodyweight- Drop the band and lower into a push-up. Complete as many full repetitions as you can in 60 seconds and aim to lower so your elbows flex past the 90 degree angle.  60 seconds.
  • Squats with Dumbbells- Grab the dumbbells and prepare for a weighted squat. Lower the glutes into a full deep squat position by attempting to touch the glutes to the heels on the feet.  Complete as many as possible for a full 60 seconds.  60 seconds.
  • Bent Over Rows with Dumbbells- The final exercise in this workout includes working the deltoids and rhomboids on your back. Grab your dumbbells and bring your body into a bent over position with a tight abdominal section and core.  Your task is to complete as many bent over rows in a full 60 seconds as you can.  Maintain good form to save and protect your back.  60 seconds.
  • Repeat- Once you get to this aspect in your workout, repeat with the exercises for a second set. 5 minutes.
  • Stretch- The final aspect in your workout is to stretch. Take the time to stretch the major muscles in your body to help avoid future muscle imbalances.  This should last a total of five minutes to make this a total of 20 minutes in duration for the entire workout.


If you are a guy who enjoys exercising before work, but have a rough start, slow start, or even are lagging, consider an effective full body 20 minute workout to stimulate circulation of your blood early in the morning.  In addition, the calories burned in this early morning workout will help stimulate your day-long metabolism to help keep you thin and in shape.  Over the next two months, consider this 20 minute program if you are having one of those days.

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