The Men’s 30 Day 6-pack Abs Fitness and Nutrition Plan

The Men’s 30 Day 6-pack Abs Fitness and Nutrition Plan

Planning for summer involves more than travel arrangements and hotel stays; it starts months before the actual trip to the beach and begins with your fitness.  This part of summer planning is where you gear your focus towards having the body you have always dreamed about.  Your summer beach body and ripped six pack abs starts months ahead of time and will take dedication.  Regardless of where you may be traveling this summer, now is the critical point to direct your focus on your health and fitness so your summer pictures can last forever and you so you can feel amazing. After that hygiene comes next, for couple of guys out there who has long beards, we have good news for you. All you need is to give that beard a good old fashioned wash by using  Make sure the you clean your bears as much as you clean your body to stay fit and healthy.

Imagine sitting on the beach enjoying the warm sun, beverage in hand, and being worry free.  Part of the worry free includes not being self-conscious about having your shirt off because your hard work paid off in a big way; your abs are defined, your body lean, and arms and pecs are shapely.  This is from all of that hard work prior to the vacation and when you are sitting on the beach enjoying your accomplishments, you can look at this time of the year as the turning point of your health.  Now direct your mind to present time.  How far away are you from achieving your goals?  What are your goals?  What steps will you take to achieve your goals?  Listed below are your beginning steps to 6-pack abs and a body which will have you feeling atop of the world when summer starts.

The 30 Day 6-Pack Abs for Men

Week 1

Six pack abs are the defining part of a beach body and something that is very welcome around the pool.  In order to achieve the 6-pack abs status, you will need to begin by modifying your diet.  This does not mean starvation, but it does meaning cutting out on some foods and adding more of others.  Some experts believe eating six times per day, or every three hours, in smaller portions can have a lasting effect on various health measures [1], including better glucose control, reduced insulin circulating in the blood, and improved energy levels.  In addition, here are some tips to jump start the diet portion of your diet, because after all, reducing fat around your visceral area will only help show defined abs that much easier.  The workout portion should include high intensity interval cardio three times per week and a regularly scheduled weight training program every other day.  Your weight training for the next month should be with free weights as much as possible.  A good start to your workout can be found with these exercises.  Be true to your workouts, don’t cheat any exercise, and dedicate your time with no excuses during this training program.

Week 2

Now that the hardest part of your 30 day program is behind you, you can start adjusting your workout and diet to send you to the next level.  You should maintain good interval training cardio exercise and spin intervals are one of the most effective for the lower part of your abs and the high-intensity exercise will help shred excess fat in a hurry.  In addition to interval training, you should be doing resistance training regularly, every other day with no excuses.  Your weight training program should include exercises that challenge your body and free weights will give you a multi-dimensional challenge.  During this week, you should start introducing abdominal specific exercises to your weight training program.  The ab wheel makes a great addition to your abdominal and core program.  Ab wheel rollouts strengthen and tone the abdominals that will add shape [2].  With this added into the mix, you are well on your way to cut abs for the summer.  Continue to work the major muscle groups in the body, including biceps, triceps, chest, back, Lats, shoulders, thighs, glutes, and calves. Your diet during week two should include reducing starchy foods such as heavy breads, pastas, and rice.  Strictly limit your portions with these foods and make sure to have plentiful fruits and vegetables for snacks throughout the day.  In addition, you should cut added sugar from your diet and keep them cut from your diet from here on out.

Week 3

Week three is where you should be noticing a marked change in your body.  This is when you want to run with your momentum.  Your diet should include lean protein shakes and more protein to add definition into your muscles and to aid in your recovery after exercise.  Aim to have whey protein directly after your workout and casein before bed to help recover the muscles during sleep.  Your diet otherwise should stay similar, aiming to eat every three hours or so and limiting/portioning your starchy carbohydrates.  Your workout now needs to move to the next level.  You should be interval training four times per week to help shave off excess fat in the abdominal area.  Continue with spin intervals, but if you need a change or mix-up attempt interval running or sprints.  Continue working the major muscle groups in the body.  You should continue with free weights and add weighted back squats in to your mix.

Week 4

This is where you are feeling on top of the world and your body is looking and feeling even better.  You should be continuing with your four days of interval cardio and three of resistance training.  Week 4 is where you should add more exercises in your mix.  Add a leg pendulum to strengthen the lower portion of the abs and consider medicine ball slams, stability ball crunches, box jumps, push-ups, pull-ups, scissors kicks, and planks to supplement your resistance training routine.  Your diet should stay similar, continuing to eat many times during the day and portioning your starchy carbs out.  During week four, you should be able to see good definition in your abs if you follow a structured routine, making sure to be strict on your diet and exercise program.  If fatigue sets in, and it could, just consider the beach and how good you will feel when you have worked so hard to accomplish your summer goal.





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