Mobile Personal Trainer

Mobile Personal Trainer Scottsdale With recent changes in exercise planning, one-on-one personal training and the field of fitness, has come mobile personal training. Aside from at home training, mobile training allows you to take full advantage of the health and fitness resources available closest to you. This means exercising at near by boutique fitness studios, community centers, neighborhood parks, outdoor sports courts, hotels, motels or even your temporary mobile home residence.

There are benefits to exercising at different locations. For example, if you’re staying at a hotel, there is often a full gym at hand including exercise machines, free-weights, exercise equipment and a pool. Being able to take advantage of each of these amenities can mean the difference between maintaining your body weight or gaining 5 lbs over a weeks vacation time.

At Lucas James Personal Training, we know vacations should be relaxing, but excuses produce zero results! Being able to swim laps at the pool or jog out-doors for an hour can help increase your cardiovascular health as well as add variety to your workouts.

If you live near a community center or have access to outdoor sports courts such as basketball, racquetball, handball, volleyball, baseball or soccer fields—take advantage of the opportunity to challenge yourself. Often a change in scenery is all you need to break the monotony at the gym. A little fresh air goes a long way!

Training On Your Schedule

With personal mobile training from Lucas James, we come at your beckoning. Flexibility is our motto when mobile training is concerned. Similar to our in-home training program, we provide a customized exercise plan including resistance training, strength and endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning, plyometric- functional exercise and stability training, you receive nutritional support and meal planning. This includes personalized menus and meal options, healthy shopping lists, nutrition breakdowns for different food types and recipes for healthy eating based on your unique weight-loss goals and recommended caloric intake. Since proper nutrition is 75-80% of accomplishing any and all fitness goals Lucas James personal training has several options for you to choose from to customize your meal plan and maximize your results.


Whether at home or on vacation, certified personal trainer Lucas James brings the gym to you. We utilize various mobile training equipment including bosu-balls, stability ‘swiss’ balls, medicine balls, free weight dumb-bells, jump ropes and more to create variable circuit training sets that will challenge your mind and your body to heighten your endurance and promote peak muscle growth and body toning.

The Lucas James Concept

Celebrity mobile personal trainer Lucas James designs a comprehensive personal fitness program to help you achieve your weight loss and muscle building or toning goals while on the run. Even with our mobile fitness training, we provide the support and fitness expertise to keep you on track for success. Your overall wellness is our genuine concern. When you reach your exercise plateau, we are with you to redesign your nutrition plan and fitness regimen to help you continue to achieve the maximum health benefit from your program. By changing your workouts through mobile training you can find new and exciting ways to stay active and have fun while exercising.

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