No Equipment Required Core Workout

No Equipment Required Core Workout

The core section of the body includes the mid-section including all of the abdominal muscles, obliques, lower back, parts of the hips, hip flexors, and the torso, and is highly important for daily functioning. Additionally, a ripped six-pack or flat mid-section is desirable for both men and women. So what is the best way to work the core area to get positive results?  Do you really need heavy weights and machines to strengthen the core?

Listed below is a complete core workout that you can do just about anywhere and does not require any equipment.

The No-Equipment-Required Core Workout

Complete all exercises with minimal rest to gain the most benefit.  Hold each exercise when appropriate and avoid any jerking, bouncing, or sudden movements unless otherwise instructed. 

The Warm-Up

You always need to warm up your body and muscles prior to working them.  In this situation, you should warm up your core area and ideally, the entire body if you can.  Start by jogging in place for about 60 seconds, then do 10 light bodyweight squats, arm circles, high knees and some light crunches.

The Workout

Planks.  Start out in a traditional plank position by lowering your body horizontal to the floor.  Steady yourself with your forearms on the floor.  Hold the plank for about 30-60 seconds while keeping a tight abdominal area.

Side Planks. Immediately following planks you should roll over to one side and bring your body into a side plank.  You should have one hand on the floor to steady your body and the other can either go at your hips, above towards the ceiling, or on your head.  Hold the side plank for about 30 seconds and switch sides.  Make sure to keep a straight body with a tight abdominal area.

Reverse Crunches. Lay your body flat on the ground and extend your legs and lift them slightly off the ground (about 6-12 inches).  From here, attempt to lift your knees toward your chest, keeping the knees bent.  To steady the upper-half of your body, it might be useful to place your hands behind your head and if you would like to support your lower back, consider placing a towel or mat at your lumbar area.  Aim for maximal reps for this exercise.

Mountain Climbers. Following your reverse crunches, work the lower portion of your abs with mountain climbers.  Complete a full 60 seconds of these for a full core busting benefit and make sure to keep the glutes lowered as best as you can.

Push-Ups. Yes ,the arms get worked in this exercise, but push-ups are also a core exercise since they work the back muscles, core, lower back, and abdominals.  Aim for maximal reps for this exercise.

Repeat.  Repeat all of the exercises above two more times (except the warm-up) for a complete core workout that requires no equipment.

Core Challenge

Do you desire a strong core?  What can a strong core offer you?  A strong core can help prevent lower-back pain, keep a sturdy and tall posture and maintain a healthy spine. Working your core will not shrink your abdominal area, but maintaining a quality diet and fitness program will certainly help.  Aim to complete your core workout every other day for the next two months.  If you would like more variation, consider some of the core exercises shown here to mix up your routine.





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