How to Order Healthy When Eating Out

How to Order Healthy When Eating Out When you eat at a restaurant, you will see a lot of appetizing food, which will make you forget that you are on a diet and your weight loss goals. To make sure that you do not derail your weight-loss efforts when you dine out, here is a list of helpful tips on how you can order healthy while enjoying a sumptuous meal out.

Choose a healthy restaurant

Always make reservations at a healthy restaurant. You don’t need to compromise your diet to please your tummy. Fact is you can enjoy the food more when you know that it is healthy, nutritious and diet friendly. To make it happen, you need to plan everything, and you need to be careful when choosing the restaurant in which you will be dining. Avoid fast food venues or venues you know don’t serve healthy menu items.

Order Ahead

Research shows that the hunger that you feel while you wait for the food to be served triples when you see everyone enjoying their food. The sight and smell of the meals being served can stimulate your body to begin with the digestive process. As a result more insulin is secreted, which leads to low blood sugar levels. Low insulin levels can trigger cravings and overeating, which are two factors that can definitely wreck your diet. Hence, when you dine out, make sure to call ahead to order the food that you like.

Dissect the Menu

Typically, you will find many foods on the menu that sound really appetizing. The additional adjectives to describe the foods not only make it sound more interesting but it can also sway you to order more. When you order your food, make sure that you ask for the ingredients, in order to sort out what’s healthy or not. Furthermore, you need to avoid foods that are bathed with sauce, because these foods contain high calories, which can be very hard to burn especially if you get a double chocolate cake for dessert.

Mind the size

Always eat in portion size no matter what you eat, and always eat in moderation if you want to maintain or lose weight. If you are eating a steak, keep in mind that you don’t need to finish it all. You can cut the meat into bite size and eat and chew slowly. It will help you feel full easily and satisfied at the same time. Make sure to avoid using too much condiments to improve the taste of your food to prevent taking up more calories.

Skip the Appetizers

Appetizers may seem appealing when you first get to a restaurant and start to read the menu, but if you can manage to skip them, you can save yourself some significant unwanted calories. Appetizers can contain up to almost the same calorie content as some entrees. Make the smart decision and go straight for the main meal.

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