Personal Trainer Fat Burning Tips

Personal Trainer Fat Burning TipsWhen it comes to weight loss, nothing beats the professional advice and tips of a personal trainer who is well oriented with their craft. So, if you want to learn ways to speed up your metabolism, you best continue reading to learn more personal trainer fat burning tips that can help you shed pounds fast.

Tip #1: “Less is more”

You don’t need to spend your whole day at the gym to lose weight. It is actually recommended that you keep your workout full and brief. Meaning, you can spend 20 minutes of exercise instead of 60 minutes of workout as long as you get the same amount of exercise in less time. The key to successfully reducing your workout time is by getting a shorter rest interval of 30 seconds or less. By doing so, you can stimulate your metabolism to burn more calories and fat.

Tip #2: Resistance training is better than cardio workout if you have limited time to spend on the gym

While you can shed pounds using either resistance training or Cardio workouts, if you are short in time, it’s best that you opt for a resistance workout. Although you only spend a few minutes in the gym, resistance highly impacts your weight than a Cardio workout since it is more intense, and it can make your body move in full motion. Note that resistance training can significantly increase your metabolism. Thus, it can help burn more calories and fat even after your workout.

Tip #3: Use exercises that can work out large muscle groups

The more you use your muscles the more you burn calories and fat. Hence, when you work out you need to choose exercises which target your large muscle groups. It’s important that you do not completely rely on simple exercises such as arm curls, crunches or workout machines that require less balance and movement. Exercises such as full squats, dead lifts, pull ups, snatches, kettle bell swings, squats, presses and full walking lunges are the best workout to engage multiple muscle groups. You can also use bigger and heavier exercise tools and machines to make your body burn more calories for energy.

Tip #4: Perform resistance training followed by cardio workout

While performing resistance training could be enough to help you slim down, if you get the chance to work out more, you can perform both but resistance training should go first. Extreme workouts should be followed by low impact exercises to slowly bring back your body to its normal state before you finish with your workout.

Tip #5: Be aggressive

It’s normal for new dieters to begin slowly with their weight-loss program. However, for those who have been working out for quite some time, doing everything slowly is not advisable. Remember that in order for you to stimulate fat loss, you need to force your muscles to move fast to enhance the rate of which your body can burn fats.

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