The Power of the Deadlift: The Single Most-Effective Exercise

The Power of the Deadlift: The Single Most-Effective ExerciseSo you have seen others performing the deadlift exercise and generally you observe that this exercise is a power exercise designed for football players and bodybuilders.  Then your personal trainer informs you that you will learn this exercise in the upcoming week.  Great, does this mean you will become bulky and extremely muscular?  Possibly, but that all depends on your workout goals and the style of training you perform.

The deadlift is not an oft practiced exercise from the general public and this is a shame because the deadlift has substantial benefits for your health and muscle mass.  To think that this exercise is strictly for those who want to get big is a bit misleading and actually, the deadlift is a total body exercise that can be incorporated into any workout program, including a weight loss program.  So why is this exercise so great?

The Benefits of the Deadlift in your Workout

Listed below are some reasons why the deadlift is one of the best exercises around.

  • Improve Posture. The muscles used during the deadlift exercise predominantly work the lower back muscles which are responsible for your overall posture.  In addition, deadlifting can improve your core strength and stability, which will definitely be an added plus in maintaining great posture [1].
  • Once perceived to work more muscles than any other exercise around, the squat cannot compare to the deadlift as far muscles worked.  How is this possible?  The deadlift works both the upper and lower muscle groups in the body, which enables this exercise to hit more of the major muscle groups in the body.
  • Functional Strength. What do many individuals who perform HIIT or Crossfit say when they praise their WODs?  It is a great way to add functional strength.  Well, the deadlift is something you can incorporate into your workout to add this same functionality.  The deadlift is one of the most functional exercises the body can perform because it simulates a motion the body performs quite often [3].
  • Minimum Equipment. One great thing about performing the deadlift is that it requires a bar and a few weights [4].  No more and no less.  In a crowded gym or in a smaller sized gym, this is perfect because space can be an issue at times.  While you can use more equipment for the deadlift, the bare essentials are very minimal.
  • Improve Grip Strength. Why is grip strength important?  For those who swing a golf club, baseball bat, tackle, or use the forearms for any real purpose, grip strength is very important.  Using hand grippers will work the forearms, but not quite as much as the deadlift.  Give this exercise a try for a month and compare how your hand grip is feeling during this time.

Add in the Deadlift to your Program

If you are looking for that little extra in the gym, consider the deadlift as an addition to your program.  The muscles worked throughout the body will aid in weight loss and it will help lean the entire body in no time.  Where do you start?  If you do not have a personal trainer, you can follow along with this video to get a better understanding on how to safely and correctly perform this exercise.

Add this into your workout at least three times per week and start out light if you have never performed the deadlift.  Incorrect form can be damaging to the lower back, thighs, and glutes which is why starting light is recommended.  If you are unsure if your form looks great, consider hiring a personal trainer to help with your form.  The pointers you receive will help ensure your safety for this exercise and it can help you increase your everyday performance in many activities.







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