Private Training

One-On-One | 1-on-1 Private Personal Training

While group fitness classes and training is a current trend at large corporate gyms and nice perk to boast, they often lack the structure and instruction to help meet the individual needs and goals of each person.  If you live in Scottsdale  or Phoenix, AZ areas having personalized instruction geared towards your unique needs is crucial in reaching your health and fitness goals.  At Lucas James Personal Training, we specialize in customizing fitness programs for clients and participants of all ages, body types, and fitness levels, from the beginner exerciser to the professional athlete.

Our personal training programs emphasize setting specific, attainable goals through proper nutrition and exercise intervention. This means creating dynamic, customized diet, nutrition, and food programs that keep you accountable and motivated towards achieving your fitness goals.

With Lucas James fitness and health education, nutritional counseling and exercise planning you receive the motivational support and consistency in your schedule to achieve and maintain your ideal state of health.

Whether it’s helping you to achieve specific weight loss goals, inches off your waist, reducing belly fat or finding the right exercises for your individual body type and fitness goals, Lucas James is by your side, one-on-one.

The benefits of individual training give you the personal interaction and attention you need to safely meet your goals.  In a private setting, you receive immediate feedback so you don’t loose focus.  While your friends drop out of their group fitness sessions because of commitment issues, you’ll be on your way to a healthier body and lifestyle.

Working individually with Lucas James can help you with

• Quick Body Fat Loss

• Fast Weight Loss

• Inches off Wast and Legs

• Loss of Overall Body Fat

• Body Shaping and Sculpting

• Mental Clarity and Focus

• More Sexual Appeal

• Increase Energy

• Better Attitude About Body

• High Self-Esteem

• Cardiovascular Conditioning and Fitness

• Increasing Endurance

• Lower Resting Heart Rate

• Better Looking Skin

• Thicker Hair

• Increased Sports Performance and Strength

• Improved Muscle Strength

• Better Muscle endurance and Muscle Flexibility

• Improved Coordination and Balance • Enhancing Immunity to Sickness

• Reducing Stress and Anxiety

• Increasing Libido, Performance and Size

• Overall More Attractive

With Lucas James as your personal trainer you will develop a workout routine, nutrition, diet plan that augments your health. Your progress is constantly under revision to make sure that your body positively and healthily adapts to the exercise to reach your fitness goals and to keep the workouts fresh and interesting.