Which Protein Powder Should I Buy?

Which Protein Powder Should I Buy?Every workout needs a recovery aid to help the worked muscles heal quickly so that you can get back to the gym for more gains.  Protein powder, or amino acids, is one of the best choices for a post-workout recovery aid and for great reasons.  Amino acids are the building blocks of the body.  They help generate muscle tissue and most importantly, they repair torn muscles to help guide them back to optimal health.  When sore muscles are repaired with ample amino acids, they are repaired in such a way that those muscles will then be adapted to lift heavier weight so that soreness is not as likely to occur in the near future with that weight.

Protein Powders

You may have been to the store and have glanced at all the different brands of protein powders around.  You look at all these products and may think “how on earth do I select the right product for me?”  Listed below are some information on different protein powders that are common and some information on why it would be beneficial to use that particular source.

Selecting the Right Protein Powder

Egg Protein.  Ok so this not a powder, but it is a drink and can be used for cooking as well.  Egg whites are the most protein source around, so there is no denying the efficiency of this source.  Keep in mind that these egg whites are not raw eggs and all bacteria have been removed.  This source of protein is great for any athlete and for individuals watching their diet, because egg whites are low in calories, cholesterol, and they can provide lasting protein support for about four or five hours.  Enjoy your egg whites as an omelet or as a smoothie between meals.

Soy Protein.  This protein source is great for promoting muscle growth and for anyone conscientious about a heart healthy diet.  Some soy protein products, such as this one, state that the sustained availability is seven times higher than whey protein, making this a good option for anyone looking for a slow release protein option.  If you are looking to build lean muscle or even if you want to have some hypertrophy in your muscles, consider this option for a low-calorie option for building lean muscle.  Use this as a snack between lunch and dinner, especially if your workout is in the afternoon.

Casein Protein.  This protein is a fairly common source of protein and it is derived from milk.  Roughly 80 percent of casein constitutes cow’s milk (the other portion is from whey proteins).  One huge benefit of consuming casein protein powder is that the body does not digest and absorb this source as quickly as other protein sources, meaning you end up with a sustained release protein source.  A slower absorbed protein source means that you are able to significantly improve your muscle mass growth and your muscle recovery time is significantly shortened, meaning you are more likely to be back at the gym feeling great in no time.  Use this product if your goal is to build muscle mass, for hypertrophy, or use this if you are wanting a midday treat to fill your stomach between meals.

Whey Protein.  This is by far the most common source of protein around.  The benefits of this protein are quick releasing amino acids and a lean profile.  Whey protein is a lighter source and typically has fewer calories than other sources.  Use this protein if you want to build lean muscle mass, keep your body fat levels low, and maintain a great performance profile.  Whey is great for athletes, runners, and weight lifters and sometimes this protein is blended with casein to give the best of both worlds.  You can also use this protein source for a midday snack between your meals.


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