Personal Trainer Reviews & Testimonials: Lucas James, Celebrity Personal Trainer in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Eric Salcedo, Graphic DesignerI gained muscle and lost body fat!
★★★★★ Eric Salcedo, Graphic Designer

“Working with personal trainer Lucas James from Scottsdale, Arizona has been two words: Life Changing. I’ve played sports my entire life and thought I was in pretty good shape and good health. After seeing that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were pretty high, I wanted to do something about it. And like most guys, I was also looking to add more lean muscle to my 6’2” – 160 lbs frame. When I met with Lucas to discuss my goals, I never felt pressured or insecure. His friendly personality let me know that I could trust him with my health. After he monitored my workouts and charted my typical meals and daily activities, he not only put together a workout plan for me, but it was a PERSONAL and UNIQUE lifestyle program. This included and in depth 18-page report full of foods I could eat, example meals for the day, workout routines, and “food goals” I needed to hit to transform my body. Also, he didn’t just give me this report and send me on my way. I got emails, text messages, and phone calls from him to check-in and make sure I was on track. He would give me motivational coaching that I needed to stay focused. It wasn’t easy, but the most rewarding things in life are also the most challenging. I’m about 14 months into the dedicated lifestyle change and I’m at the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m now 185 lbs, and about 11% body fat. My chest has grown 3-4″ and my biceps have grown 3″. I look good, feel even better, and constantly get compliments on my physique. I recommend Lucas James to anyone that wants a COMPLETE and HEALTHY lifestyle change. This isn’t crash diets, or quick fixes… it’s something you earn and something you can be proud of. You not only get a body makeover, you get a brain transformation and an invigorating approach to life!”


Paul Stoneburg, Pharmacist

Best Personal Trainer!

★★★★★ Paul Stoneburg, Pharmacist

“Lucas James is quite simply the best personal trainer in Scottsdale, Arizona. I spent 9 months training with Lucas from the Fall of 2012 to the Summer of 2013. During that time I was able to lose over 50 pounds and decrease my body fat percentage to around 15%. I am currently in the best shape of my life.

Lucas offers a complete program that not only focuses on exercise but also nutrition. With regard to nutrition, Lucas will ask you to track all of your food. I was provided with nutrient goals and ideas for meals and snacks. There is no strict diet regiment. If you eat it you track it. With Lucas the focus is learning to make healthy eating decisions. This will not happen overnight and it’s not always easy. Lucas and his nutritionist are a wealth of information. I’ve gone from eating fast food almost daily to preparing healthy meals ahead of time for my busy workweeks.

When it comes time to working out with Lucas you will never know what he has up his sleeve. He constantly varies exercises and switches up workouts. When this adventure began I never thought I would go from using the elliptical machine to running a mile in under 7 minutes. Lucas believed and pushed me until I was there and then a little further.  I’ve learned how to properly use weights and exercise equipment and how to improvise if something I need isn’t available. Don’t think that working out with Lucas will mean that you’re stuck in the gym. We went hiking and did stadium stairs and track work as well. You will never get bored of the workouts. Had it not been for going on an outdoor run together one time I probably would have never started running outdoors. Now my runs are typically no shorter than 6 miles.

Don’t forget though, you will get out what you put in. Lucas will be there to give you tools, knowledge and motivation to succeed. It’s up to you to use them to their fullest. Without hesitation I would recommend Lucas to anyone looking for a personal trainer.”


 Jon Nauert, Investment Banker
Well worth the money!
★★★★★ Jon Nauert, Investment Banker

“Lucas truly invests the time and creativity to formulate a diet and fitness program that meets one’s needs. I highly recommend Lucas to anyone that wants a rigorous and exciting program to keep them engaged on a daily basis.”



Isaac Kahn, Realtor

Muscle Building Pro!

★★★★★  By Isaac Kahn, Realtor

“Lucas James’s knowledge, expertise and passion for fitness has helped me tremendously in achieving my personal goals. First, I needed to gain weight and mass. I was sick of being skinny! After a few months of training and advice from Lucas I was already starting to see awesome results. Lucas gave me a roadmap, and what I loved about it was that it was something I could actually follow. Once I found a rhythm in my diet and fitness training, I stuck with it for about a year on my own. The awesome thing about Lucas is that he programs you to be able to do it on you own, and then he’s right back there when your ready to take the next step! Well… after some time lifting and eating heavy I sure did get the size I was looking for. Now it was time to tone… Lucas was right back there for me with a full new program, and this time my goal was the “shredded look”. After 3-4 months of working with Lucas on the second phase of my transformation, I really had achieved the look I was going for! This changed my life! I now have the confidence, energy and health habits that I never thought possible. Although I am not one of his celebrity clients, he truly made me feel like one. My new look is incredible! Thank you Lucas!”


Worth Every Penny and More!

★★★★★ By Dana Stegmeier, RN-DON/CM

“My job can be very stressful & I had allowed myself to get really out of shape, I decided I wanted to find a personal trainer who would not only motivate me but to push me to put myself first, instead of always saying to myself “I will work out tomorrow…I will eat better tomorrow…One day won’t make me fat”. I researched several trainers and narrowed this to three then called and spoke to each. By far Lucas was the most professional, realistic and down to earth. Lucas does not blow the “smoke” many trainers do, he also is the only trainer (and he is my 5th…in my lifetime) who explains proper form and his method behind “the madness of his training” 🙂 Since working with Lucas, I have lost almost 30 lbs! and many inches, If not for Lucas, I would absolutely be so stressed from work that I would be miserable, but thanks to Lucas, I can leave that at work! If you are thinking of going to a trainer, I cannot recommend Lucas enough, he is worth every penny and more! Do yourself a favor and call Lucas today!”


Kara Buell, Vice President

A True Example

★★★★★ By Kara Buell, Vice President

“Lucas has a gift for health, nutrition, and fitness and helping others achieve their goals. He is an inspiration in the way he lives his own life and a true example of what a healthy lifestyle can do for someone. He is always positive and uplifting and my life is truly better because I know Lucas.”


Best Personal Trainer!

★★★★★ By Robin Medics, Lab Director

“I want to write this review so that potential clients know what a great trainer Lucas is! I believe he is the essential ingredient if you want to tone up, learn a healthier life style or loose weight. Lucas designs a program to fit your needs and goals. Lucas goes to the gym with you and exercise right with you. He has a very positive and motivational approach to helping you reach your goals. He has great nutritional guide lines and tips. He knows the gym inside out. If you don’t regularly go to a gym, he will help you get comfortable there. I believe I will reach my goals and I don’t think I’d get there without Lucas’ help. He is a great mentor!!!!”


Positively Contagious!‎‎

★★★★★ By Kingston Li, Dental Sales Rep

“A leader and motivator, Lucas maintains a positive mental attitude that continues to inspire everyone he comes into contact with. With a vibrant persona, his energy will ignite you to live a life of self-awareness through physical training. Lucas has the type of intensity and energy that will help people reach their physical fitness goals.‎”


Chris Sill, Business Owner

Lucas James Personal Training; Change Can…

★★★★★ By Chris Sill, Business Owner

“I started with Lucas James Personal Training back in 2009. I had tried other trainers in the past and unfortunately was not able to attain my goals until worked with Lucas James. Right from the start I liked Lucas’s non intimidating personality and his genuineness. Lets face it…these days this is a rare thing to find in any profession! I was very excited to get started because Lucas really listened to me regarding what I wanted to achieve and he worked with me to give me a solution that was life changing. I loved the fact that when I felt certain things I just could do or stand, he created other ways to do things that worked for me thus making it easier to accomplish my goals and stick with it. One of the most important things that Lucas James gave me is motivation and the ability to motivate myself through his positive energy. I want everyone to know that if you have the drive and are willing to work for it, make a change in you life today! Lucas Personal Training will give you the EDGE and help you need to achieve all your goals so that you can live a healthier and better life! “Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice” Thank you Lucas James!”


Lucas James: Personal Trainer, Motivator!

★★★★★ By Reggie Miles, Academic Administrator

“I have been working with Lucas James in his personal training program since November 2009. Mr. James has been a motivator from the start. During our initial meeting, he explained his expertise of the field and how he can assist me in meeting my goals. Instantly, I knew this was the guy who can help me reach my goals. Within my workout plan, Lucas created a nutritional plan as well. In addition to taking pictures of my progression every two weeks, he has been very understanding of my goals and has done everything to help me reach them. One of my first goals was to reach a certain weight limit. Within three weeks of taking Mr. James’ direction, I gained 8 pounds. I could not have done this without Lucas. In summary, I HATE going to the gym, but Lucas makes the gym very fun and motivating especially when it cuts into your activity time. However, Lucas will remind you why you are doing this and your end goal. I look forward to our workouts and most importantly reaching my goals. It feels great when an individual says –Wow, you have been going to the gym because they can see the change. Therefore, if you are searching for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Lucas as he rocks!”


Alf Bernardo, Nursing Manager


★★★★★ By Alf Bernardo, Nursing Manager

“I have been going to the gym for the past 10 years now and I have been with many Personal Trainers but I have gotten the best results with Lucas. He is very dependable and is goal oriented. I have told him many times that my old trainers would always tend to hold back when they see improvement to keep you on the hook. But not with Lucas, he makes sure we are always on target with our goals. I have received many compliments on the way I look and not only that I feel really good and my stress level have dropped considerably. I used to run marathons and I thought I was healthy but while working out with Lucas I found out I could do more. Also the diet part is easy and sensible, I eat more now (6 meals) than when I was on my other diets. Keep it up buddy… your the BEST!!!”



Brooks Holcomb, Attorney

Lucas James Personal Training, Scottsdale

★★★★★ By Brooks Holcomb, Attorney

“I have worked out with Lucas numberous times over the years and have been thoroughly impressed with knowledge of both diet mechanics and how to develop muscle mass and/or tone down. The clients I have referred to him for personal training have been completely satisfied and very complimentary of his services. His high-energy personality is infectious and is a great asset when trying to fight thru some of the more grueling workouts!”


Claudia Verela, Actress & Model

Lucas is my motivator!‎‎

★★★★★ By Claudia Verela, Actress & Model

“As a professional model, being in tip top shape most often determines whether or not you book that job. Lucas James is my inspiration! His enthusiasm is contagious and his health and diet tips keep me on track and encourage me to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle! No more late night drive by McDonald’s french fry runs for me! Thanks Lucas!”


Margo Gassen, Mother & Interior Desinger

Giselle? Yes please.‎‎

★★★★★ By Margo Gassen, Mother & Interior Desinger

“Growing up, I had always been involved in sports, and I can’t say I’ve ever been overweight, but now that I’m a bit older, and working full time, it seems like my body isn’t quite what it use to be. Ice cream for breakfast? Sure! Doritos for lunch? Why not!? Lucas taught me the do’s and don’t of healthy nutrition. He put together a meal plan for me that I like and can stick with. And by meal plan, I’m not talking Lean Cuisines or Slim Shakes, I mean REAL FOOD. After the first month, not only did I see an improvement in my waistline, but my hair, skin, nails, everything seemed… well… healthier! I was on a rolI…and not like the ones that use to be on my stomach. I made it very clear to Lucas that I didn’t want to look like Rambo, but I was actually considering working out and lifting weights. Lucas put together a workout regimen for me that got my body tight and toned in just a few weeks, and I didn’t feel like I was spending hours in the gym. Whether you are wanting to drop 50 and look like Giselle, or maybe just want to be healthier, Lucas is your guy. I made a lifestyle choice to get back in shape and Lucas is the one that made it possible.”


Holly Larson, Business Owner & Mother

He won’t let me cheat!‎‎

★★★★★ By Holly Larson, Business Owner & Mother

“Lucas has been my motivation! He is always there to encourage me to workout. He stays on me, and when we train, he won’t let me cut my reps or workout short. No matter how much I whine. And he always does this with a smile, and an upbeat attitude. Lucas is so enthusiastic about fitness, that it helps me. The fact that he is a perfect example of what he preaches, is a great motivator too. I have referred Lucas to all of my friends, he is the most professional trainer I have ever worked out with.‎”



Kourtney Hoffarber, School TeacherVery Impressed with Lucas!‎‎

★★★★★ By Kourtney Hoffarber, School Teacher

“I am an avid female runner and I was looking for another way to tone my arms, legs, and abs. After training with Lucas I couldn’t be more happier with my body. Lucas gave me the perfect workouts to help me achieve my personal goals. While working out with Lucas, he is always motivating, positive, and energetic (even early in the morning). In addition, Lucas is professional, reliable, and knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness, nutrition, and strength training. I would recommend Lucas to anyone that is serious about achieving their personal fitness goals! Thank you Lucas!‎”

Captain Mark Anderson, Pilot and MN State Senator

Toned at 51!‎‎

★★★★★ By Captain Mark Anderson, Pilot and MN State Senator

“As a professional pilot, I spend a lot of time sitting in the Captains seat. Five years ago, I started doing a daily exercise routine as well as taking Karate. Since then, I completed black belt, but had plateaued in the exercise portion of my training. Then one day last summer I had the unique opportunity to receive a morning of personal training with Lucas James. He had me doing the most incredible chest, back and ab workout I have ever experienced. The variety of pushups, pullups and ab sets were truly unique. Plus, he kept me motivated and focused, which is part of his training in mental discipline. Following Lucas James Personal Training program, as well as his dietary recommendations, I have had stunning results. I am more toned now than at any time in my life, which for a 51-year old guy is beyond exceptional. Thanks Lucas!‎”


Dr. Badyal, Dentist

Better Health‎‎

★★★★★ By Dr. Badyal, Dentist

“I received personal training from Lucas James for several months and I can truly say I am in the best shape I’ve been in since high school. I have had full blood tests done just before starting my workout programs and a couple months after. Not only do I look and feel better, but my cholesterol has dropped exactly 24 points and overall my blood profile looked better by just following his workout and diet programs. Thanks Lucas!‎”

Lucas James: Premiere Trainer

★★★★★ By Bryan B.

“LJ is a premiere trainer in Scottsdale, Arizona. I met Lucas a few years ago and I’ve seen him train others as I would workout. I decided to take him on and I am so glad I did. I thought I knew how to lead a healthy lifestyle but I was doing multiple things wrong from what I was eating to workout form to a variety of exercises I didn’t even know existed.  Lucas made it fun  for me and I began enjoying workouts again. He changes it up on each session, this was the plan I voted for after an extensive and focused consultation that took about an hour. 5 star trainer!  Thank you Lucas for all the attention you have me and for making me stronger both physically and mentally. I truly appreciate you!‎”