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The BEST Scottsdale Personal Trainer 

Choosing Lucas James for your personal trainer will be of the best choices you could ever make! Lucas James is the best Scottsdale personal trainer because he works with each client on a one-to-one basis and provides all the support, motivation and education to make sure that you reach all of your health and fitness goals. Lucas James provides each personal training client with a custom meal plan with a variety daily food options to make it easy to transition to your everyday healthy lifestyle. He also recommends vitamins and supplements to help you with your skin, energy, and many other great health benefits. Clients receive one-hour personal training sessions with Lucas James, and they will also get a custom workout plan and cardio fitness program to do on their own to help improve results and to develop a consistent exercise routine. Lucas James is one of the top personal trainers in Arizona and has been recommended and reviewed as a “5-Star Rated” celebrity personal trainer in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Personal Training Services Offered in Scottsdale, AZ

One-on-One Personal Training | 1-on-1 Personal Trainer

Get the experience of working with Lucas James with 1-on-1 personal training sessions. Don’t worry about having to wait for machines or others during the workout. Each Scottsdale personal training session provides a unique experience with Lucas James giving each client full attention without having to deal with overcrowded gyms.

Mobile Personal Training | Mobile Personal Trainer

Lucas James specializes in mobile fitness training in Scottsdale to accommodate you and your lifestyle.  Lucas will travel to your preferred location which could be your office, home, condo, house, gym, park, school, fitness center, community center, community gym, or any other location. Each Scottsdale personal training session Lucas James will bring his own fitness equipment to make sure you’re getting all the benefits of a great workout.

In-Home Personal Training | In-Home Personal Trainer

Are you sick of going to crowded gyms and don’t want to be seen working out? Well, Lucas James can travel you house, condo, townhome, duplex, trailer, or community and can give you a personal training session right there. Fitness equipment is also brought to your home as another added benefit!

Office Gym Personal Training | Office Gym Personal Trainer (Executive or Corporate Personal Training)

Do you work in an office building that has a gym already in it? If so, Lucas James can travel to your office gym and provide you personal training just like if you were at a large gym or health club. He can also show you different routines and exercises, provide you with custom programs, teach you how to use the machine and most importantly help you achieve your health and fitness goals! If you have a busy work schedule and never have time to workout this is a great service to hold you accountable to show up and to give you motivation!

Gym & Studio Personal Training | Gym & Studio Personal Trainer

Lucas James has gym and private studio locations in Scottsdale to provide a close location for your convenience.

Fitness Equipment & Training Equipment

“It’s not the equipment that get’s you in shape, it’s how hard you push yourself.” – Lucas James

Equipment is a very important part of the personal training fitness program. All of the equipment Lucas James uses is top of the line and is gauranted to help you produce long term results and keep you safe from injury.  Each fitness program is designed to use different training equipment, which is based on the level of experience, flexibility, injury, medical condition and physical condition. The following equipment is used for a variety of fitness programs, fitness routines, and fitness exercises for weight lifting.

Dumbbells, Barbells, Cardio Machines, Medicine Balls, Rubber Bands, Step Machine, Stationary Bike, Elliptical Machine, Spin Bike, Swiss Ball, Squat Machine, Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Decline Bench, Kettle Bell, Shoulder Press, Smith Machine, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Cables, Leg Extension Machine, Leg Curl Machine, Stair Stepper, Hip Abductor, Chin Up Machine, Pull Up Machine, Lat Pull Down Machine, W Bar, Straight Bar, Seated Leg Curl, Yoga Mat

Scottsdale Zip Codes for Personal Fitness Training | Personal Trainer

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Offering In-Home Personal Training, Home Gym Personal Training, Condo Personal Personal Training in the following areas:

  • April Sound
  • Arabian Views
  • Arcadia Corners
  • Arcadia Osborne
  • Arcadia | Camelback
  • ArcadiaLite
  • Arizona
  • Arroyo Verde II
  • Balsz School
  • Barclay Place
  • Bella Serra
  • Bent Tree Desert Estates
  • Black Mountain
  • Cambria Subdivision
  • Camelback Del Este I & II
  • Campbell/Indian School
  • Casa Granada Village
  • Casa Norte
  • Casa del Cielo
  • Casita Chapparal
  • Casitas Real
  • Castle Rock Condominiums
  • Cinco Soles
  • Clarendon
  • Clark Park
  • Colina Del Norte
  • Colonia Verde
  • Community Council of Scottsdale
  • Concord Villiage
  • Continental Villas East II
  • Coronado Heights
  • Cox Heights
  • Crystal Manor
  • Cuernavaca
  • Cypress Gardens
  • DG-43
  • Daley Park
  • Del Norte
  • Desert Foothills North
  • Desert Foothills of Scottsdale
  • Desert Highlands
  • Desert Mountains
  • Desert Property
  • Desert Ridge Homeowners
  • Downtown Camelback Frontage
  • Eagles Eyre III
  • East Camelback Road
  • Eastwood
  • El Cuadro
  • El Dorado Hermoso
  • Elsinore
  • Escalante
  • Escalante Sentry Post 2002
  • Estadas de la Mancha
  • Fox Run
  • Gilliland
  • Glenrosa Village
  • Greater Orangedale
  • Greater Pinnacle Peak
  • Green Gables
  • Happy Valley Ranch III
  • Heritage Village II
  • Heritage Village IV
  • Hilltop Cricketts
  • Hohokam
  • Holdeman
  • Holiday Park
  • Horseman’s East Forty
  • Hudson Manor
  • Ingleside
  • Ingleside
  • Jason Manor
  • Jen Tilly Terrace
  • Jupiter Assets | LLM Land
  • Kierland
  • La Cuesta
  • La Loma
  • La Villita
  • Las Brisas
  • Las Hadas Villas
  • Las Palomas
  • Las Villas
  • Las Vistas
  • Lincoln Meadows Business Park
  • Linden II
  • Lindon Park
  • Lone Mountain Vista
  • Los Diamantes
  • Los Prados
  • Mahogany
  • Maple-Ash
  • Marilyn Ann
  • Mariposa Grande
  • Marlborough Park Villas
  • Marshall Parkway
  • Mary Anne Manor | Windemere
  • McCormick Ranch
  • McDowell Acres
  • McDowell Mountain Ranch
  • Mission Monterey
  • Mitchell Park East
  • Mitchell Park West
  • Mobilaires
  • Monterey Mountain View
  • Mountain View Village
  • Mountaingate
  • Mountainview Ranch
  • N. Phoenix
  • NTNA East Rio
  • NTNA-Canal Park
  • NTNA-Cavalier Hills
  • North East Scottsdale
  • North Ranch
  • North Tempe
  • Northeast Village
  • Oakhurst Executive Community
  • Oaks II & III
  • Osborn Village
  • Overland Hills
  • P.V. Plaza
  • Papago Park Village
  • Papago Vista
  • Paradise Meadows
  • Paradise Valley Citizens Forum
  • Paradise Valley Farms
  • Parque Village
  • Paseo Villas
  • Patterson Ranch
  • Peaceful Valley
  • Phoenician
  • Pierce Unified
  • Pima Acres
  • Pinnacle Paradise Estates
  • Pinnacle Peak Estates I
  • Pinnacle Peak Estates III
  • Pinnacle Peak Estates Unit II
  • Pinnacle Peak Heights IV
  • Pinnacle Peak Heights V
  • Polynesian Paradise
  • Powderhorn Ranch
  • Preston Hills
  • Pueblo Verde Condominiums
  • Raintree Resort Casitas
  • Ranch at Scottdale
  • Rancho Del Monte
  • Rancho Ventura
  • Raquet Club At Scottsdale Ranch
  • Raskin Estates
  • Rio Salado
  • Rio Verde Foothills
  • River Run
  • Riverside
  • Rocking Road
  • Rosalee Ranch
  • Sands McCormick
  • Sands North
  • Sands Scottsdale Master
  • Sands Scottsdale Townhouse
  • Santa Maria Villa
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  • Scottsdale Country Club Village
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  • Starmark Place
  • Summerfield III & IV
  • Sun Canyon
  • Sunbeam
  • Sunset
  • Suntree
  • Sweetwater 52nd Street
  • Sweetwater Ranch
  • Syrun
  • Tapekim
  • Tatum Ranch
  • Tatum Vista
  • Tempe-Scottsdale
  • Terravita
  • The Boulders
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  • The Pinnacle
  • The Ranch at Scottsdale Mirage
  • The Shores Neighbors
  • The Village At Camelback Mountain
  • The Villages at McCormick Ranch
  • Tierra de los Reyes
  • Tonalea Pride
  • Torre Blanca
  • Trails at Scottsdale
  • Triple Crown
  • Troon North
  • Troon Village
  • University Estates
  • University Garden Villas
  • University Heights
  • University Park
  • University Ranch
  • Villa Charme V
  • Villa De Bendita
  • Villa Del Este
  • Villa Hermitage Arcadia
  • Villa Monterey Unit
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  • Villas at Vista Verde
  • Vista Villages 2
  • Vistana
  • Whisper Rock
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