Scottsdale Personal Fitness Trainer for Weight Loss Diet Plan

Start your New Year’s with a Lucas James as your new Scottsdale personal fitness trainer. If you’re looking to start a weight loss diet plan to get rid of belly fat, lose weight quick or start eating healthy foods and exercising then call Lucas James today!Scottsdale Personal Fitness Trainer for Weight Loss Diet Plan

Lucas James personal training specializes in home, mobile and gym fitness training for those men and women who are looking to receive a unique personal training experience. James’s focuses on three main aspects in all of his fitness programs; mental, exercise, and nutrition training – M.E.N. Training.

M.E.N. Training

Mental Training: Teaching clients how to overcome excuses for not exercising and eating unhealthy foods. Also, creating consistent healthy habits and making it a priority, not an option.

Exercise Training: Learning how to exercise properly with the correct form and breathing techniques. Creating a custom workout plan based on the client’s physical ability, fitness and health goals, and prevention of injury.

Nutritional Training: Creating a healthy daily meal plan that a client can maintain. Education on how prepare healthy foods, good times to eat, portion control, and daily intake of calories for maximum results.

Lucas James is Arizona’s only Celebrity Personal Trainer that is endorsed by doctor’s, plastic surgeon’s, dentist’s, CEO’s across the state. James was recently named by Celebrity Chef Zipora “one of the best celebrity personal trainers.”

About the Author

, Celebrity Personal Trainer and Fitness & Nutrition Expert headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. He specializes in helping men and women achieve weight loss, muscle building, toning and other customized fitness & nutrition programs to create a Healthy Lifestyle. James offers private luxury personal training, 12-week custom workout plans, and personalized nutrition meal plans. Follow on Google+.

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