Scottsdale Weight Loss: Best Luxury Gyms, Health Clubs, and Fitness Centers

Scottsdale Weight Loss: Best Luxury Gyms, Health Clubs, and Fitness Centers

Searching for the best fitness facility in the Scottsdale area?  Determining a “best” fit varies depending on the services for which you are seeking.  If you pay close attention when visiting a weight loss and fitness facility, you may find that there are tons of services offered, but do you want to use all of those services?  When searching for the best luxury gyms around the Scottsdale area, one must consider what is offered, the cost, the equipment and condition of equipment, classes offered, and any special accommodations.  Listed below are some of Scottsdale’s most prestigious luxury fitness facilities and a comparison of what each has to offer.

Comparing Scottsdale’s Best Luxury Gyms, Clubs, and Fitness Centers

  • Life Time Fitness. This is a popular gym in the Scottsdale area and this gym offers a plethora of amenities, services, and all at a good cost.  Look to pay about $350 for a two year membership, which in comparison of gyms in the area, can be considered a bargain for a basic membership.  This gym offers running classes or programs, cycle programs, tennis, yoga, group fitness classes, squash, racquetball, weight loss assistance, different fitness challenges, chiropractic services, and fitness assessments and testing.  The equipment used varies from cardio machines to free weights and other functional tools for your program, but much of the equipment used is Life Time branding.  In addition, cardio equipment brands vary, but LifeFitness is a major brand in this gym.  Every membership includes great amenities for which other gyms typically charge.  These perks include an advantage membership (includes discounts at certain retailers nationwide, hotels, services, entertainment, and more), LTBUCK$ (which includes spa services, personal training, and programs), MYLT (an online portal for accessing classes, club information, events and discounts), myHealthScore (includes fitness evaluations, 100 minutes with a fitness professional, body fat ratio, weight, height, and cholesterol readings), and Experience L!fe (a magazine offering many different activities and lifestyle adventures).  This luxury club offers indoor and outdoor pool services, basketball courts, rock climbing, a café, spa, and a Pilate’s studio.  This large club is great for a family to use and the services offered are endless.  Just make sure that you plan to use these services if you use this route.
  • Village Health Clubs. Village Health Clubs and Spa is a renowned health club located in Scottsdale and offers everything you can think of.  First off, the membership for this facility is roughly $160 per month and there is an initial fee of about $550.  While this is a steep start-up, many say that it is worth the price.  Some of the amenities include fitness classes, kinesis, personal training, CrossFit, massages, nail services, wax treatments, squash, fencing, triathlons, golf, aquatics, a café, and great child care services.  The membership will not cover some of the class offerings, such as the CrossFit classes; these will run you about $20 per class or as low as 25 classes for $350.  The equipment at the Village Health Clubs will vary by brands.  Most of the brands include Precor strength and cardio and TRX equipment.  There is a plethora of functional equipment used for classes and training sessions as well.  Lastly, there are many households with kids in Scottsdale, which can be a challenge when it comes to exercising.  The Village Health Clubs offer state of the art child services such as camps, parties, and kids programs.  This will motivate the kids to make it to the gym and it creates a healthy environment for the entire family.
  • Sanctuary Camelback Resort and Spa. This is a great destination for serenity, comfort, and prestige.  Costs for the spa membership varies, but pretty much any service you get here will cost at least $160 for each hour.  Whether you get a massage, facial, nails, or what have you, your price will depend on the services you are seeking, so this is hard to compute.  This resort and spa is rated one of the best in Scottsdale and there are many amenities including hotels, spa retreats, weddings, fine dining, and wellness packages.  One can get professional tennis lessons at this resort, Zennis classes that are specific for tennis play ($50 per person), swim lessons, personal training ($120 per hour or $80 per half hour and this does not include a 20% gratuity for all fitness services), assisted stretching services ($130 per hour or $90 per half hour), a personalized fitness program and assessment ($195), and one-on-one movement classes (90 minutes for $190 or 60 minutes for $130).  What you see is what you get at this spa facility and it is truly a great way to escape and relax.  While it would make a great retreat or vacation, the services offered, especially for the gym, tend to be on the pricier side, even for a luxury spa and resort.  The equipment is top notch, the trainers have some experience, and the sports instructors are former professionals.  Consider this resort and spa wisely, but weight loss might not be here given that it is a general wellness resort.
  • Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Montelucia. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, this spa and resort offers many services and is atop the luxury experience.  This spa offers many fitness offerings including personal training, group fitness classes, Pilates, Yoga, fitness assessments, and nutrition consults.  The price per class varies and is more reasonable when compared to some areas in Scottsdale.  Single class prices for the resort guest are $10, local guest $15, and packages of 5 and 10 can be purchased for $60 and $100, respectively.  Want more than this?  This resort offers personal training and one-on-one lessons for a rate of $90 per hour, which is comparable to the area.  When you are a member of the Omni Resort and Spa, you get a 20 percent discount, which means your training rate drops to $72 per hour.  Purchase 5, 10, or 20 sessions for $425, $800, or $1500 respectively for non-members or receive a great discount if you are a member.  Some amenities include meditation, naturopathy, vacation services, salon, massage, body treatments, and ritual wellness as well.  While the membership may cost a good penny (cost will vary depending on your needs), you are likely to get a great deal with the fitness and wellness portions of your membership.  In addition, it is nice to have wellness services located on premises.  This is a truly great place for overall wellness.
  • The Phoenician. Known as a luxury spa and resort, the Phoenician has great fitness and wellness offerings.  The Precor cardio equipment overlooks the great outdoor landscape and you can find free weights, treadmills, bicycles, and other equipment for your workout.  If you are staying at the resort, the fitness classes are complimentary.  If you are not staying at the resort, your classes will range from $15-20 per class, which is reasonable for classes such as 3-D abs, cardio circuit, functional stretching, meditation, boot camps, Pilates, power yoga, and Zumba.  There are no listings for private training or one-on-one sessions, but this would be something to inquire when you arrive for your stay.  If you are in the Scottsdale area, consider this more of a resort and a spa and not so much as a daily fitness option for a resident of the area.
  • Envy Residencies. Located in one of the best areas Scottsdale has to offer, Envy Residencies offers a wide range of amenities for your fitness program and design.  This beautiful area has personal training provided by celebrity trainer Lucas James, who is a fitness and nutrition expert in the area.  In addition to having personal training offered, there are complementary fitness evaluations and three free training sessions provided by Lucas, which would cost quite a bit at other locations nearby.  The gym has state-of- the- art cardio equipment, TRX, a Zen garden, stretching areas, and floors that help absorb heavy impact.  Lifestyle and training packages are offered depending on your needs, goals, and evaluation provided by Lucas.  As a resident of the Scottsdale area looking to get fit, lose weight, and reach goals, the training and lifestyle programs offered here are unlike the other clubs in the area.  The programs are geared to get results for your health, wellness, and longevity and the weight loss programs are top-notch.



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