Staying Motivated to Reach Your Exercise Goals

Staying Motivated to Reach Your Exercise GoalsResults aren’t guaranteed when working with Celebrity Personal Trainer Lucas James, they’re earned. He can be your motivation no matter if you live in Scottsdale, AZ or Miami, FL. Life isn’t characterized what you say you’ll do, but by your actions and follow through. Anyone who’s tried to workout after long breaks from the gym or being outdoors knows just how hard it is to stay motivated and get back into shape.

We know it can be really tough to maintain a consistent workout schedule when starting up or returning to exercise, especially when everyone at the gym looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jillian Michaels.  Just remind yourself, it beats the alternative – letting the pounds pack on and waiting for weight & diet related illnesses and obesity to take over. So here are a few tips for staying motivated and making exercise accessible no matter what stage you’re at.

Find a work out partner:

Find a friend to work out with to keep each other motivated and accountable. Not only will you find that you’re reaching your goals faster, but working out becomes a social event in your mind.

Exercise at the time that feels right for you:

If you’re not a morning person, and don’t have very much energy when you first wake up, than early A.M. workouts might not be right for you! Find out when you feel best, have the most energy and can commit at least 45 minutes to an hour to exercise…NO excuses, don’t use scheduling as a reason to avoid exercise. Make time to meet your goals!

Try getting outdoors on a date:

Go kyacking, or for a hike, jog or walk.  Show your significant other, you’re a motivated and active individual who won’t shy away from anything physical!

Find something you enjoy, that will be easy for you:

If you hate running, than don’t start a running program. Try spin class, swimming, yoga, pilates or resistance training. Also, consider what is nearby and don’t limit yourself and your goals.

Cook healthy meals:

Diet is 80% of reaching your fitness goals. Cooking breakfast in bed for your lover is a huge turn-on. An intimate candle-lit dinner over a bottle of red wine never hurts either!

Make working out a fun activity:

Some times socializing or people watching at the gym can break the monotony of just speeding through your exercises. Branch out and take a group fitness class or yoga and make some new friends! Plus you’ll meet people with common interests and goals as yourself.

Set specific and realistic goals for both the short-term and long-term:

Everyone’s body type is different and if your personal goals aren’t truly attainable, you’ll never reach them. Keep weekly goals such as the amount of times you plan on working out and long-term goals for weight loss or physical events such as marathons or triathlons. Keep your goals attainable. If you’ve never run before, don’t attempt a marathon in your first couple months. A 5K would be a much better choice.

Monitor your progress:

Keep a diet & exercise journal to see just how you really eat and keep track of your fitness goals and improvement. Note specifics about your exercise program such as timed intervals, the number of sets and reps and weight used, as well as your accomplishments.

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