Taylor Swift’s Exercise and Fitness Routine

Taylor Swift’s Exercise and Fitness Routine

She dazzles everywhere you see her.  With her voice, she creates magic and with her looks, she stuns the world around us.  Let’s face it, every girl wants to look and be like Taylor Swift.  The “Shake It Off” star has one of the best voices around and not only is her vocal pipes amazing, she is in incredible shape.

Taylor Swift is a tall woman with long legs, blonde hair, and personifies the All-American woman.  While she certainly has great genetics, she did not inherit a perfectly toned body.  In fact, nobody inherits a great physique, with muscles, and low fat.  While genetics sure help in gaining a great body, the truth is everybody needs to work to get a toned, good looking body.  If you are wondering how Taylor Swift got the body she has now, consider reading below for some insight on her workout routine has shaped her look.

The Taylor Swift Exercise Routine

  • Cardio.  One of the most consistent factors in her workout is her ability to get on the treadmill every day for 60 minutes.  While the cardio consistency is important and she states that she works hard on the treadmill, Swift describes that she also rewards herself with the hard work and effort when she can.  Sometimes this is a challenge for her because of the number of times she travels throughout the year, but she loves the joy of hopping on the treadmill for an hour (at least) when she can.  Maintaining a regular schedule is the most important factor in maintaining or getting a body like Swift’s.
  • Sweat.  We have seen the pictures of Swift exiting the gym, but one thing that is not too well known is that she actually enjoys sweating while she is inside.  This is her way of ridding her body of the unhealthy toxins and healing in a way that is not always common in programs.  Many gyms offer saunas and stream rooms for this reason and they are some of the best ways to eliminate unhealthy toxins from the body.  Try a 10-20 minute sauna or steam after your workout to rid your body from harmful toxins.  This should help you feel great all day long and be sure to drink water.
  • Healthy Lifestyle. Many people stop at Starbucks, this is not a big surprise to anyone.  However, how many people order coffee thinking it is healthy only because it is considered healthy?  Swift maintains her physique by rewarding herself with a drink from Starbucks, but she does so by ordering skinny drinks as often as possible rather than having the full sugar options offered.  Ordering a skinny drink (sugar-free and fat-free) is the best way to keep your liquid calories to a minimum, but if you have the option or enjoy it, consider ordering black coffee.
  • Journal.  Keeping a daily journal is healthy for taking thoughts off the mind and expressing emotions.  In addition, a journal allows you to track how your lifestyle is progressing.  Everything should be included in your journal including negative emotions and thoughts, what you ate that day, what you drank, and the exercise you performed.  Your journal should be a large key to documenting your program and just like Swift, you can help manage your stress and lifestyle in a healthy way.
  • Music.  So this is not an element of a workout, but one of the most critical elements that keeps Taylor Swift moving and enthused is listening to new music from her peers.  While everyone knows that keeping a regular exercise schedule is hard, she looks forward to getting new music on her iPod and listening to it on her daily run.


Now that you have the pieces to the Taylor Swift exercise routine, just remember that the biggest piece of advice she gives is commitment.  She credits her figure on her dedication and commitment to her regimented schedule.  Staying consistent is one of the most important factors when it comes to exercise; regardless of how hard you work every time.  As you can see from her workout program, she doesn’t do too many exercises that are fancy or specialized.  She utilizes a treadmill and music and blends it with a healthy lifestyle and sound choices.  Consider this lifestyle for the rest of the year so that when New Year’s comes around, you are already ahead of the game.


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