Tee Off PGA Season With Golf-Inspired Gear

Tee Off PGA Season With Golf-Inspired Gear

In its 101st season, the PGA Tour is in full swing. The Torrey Pines tournament just concluded and next on the PGA Tour is the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Arizona. Known as “The Greatest Show on Grass,” the Waste Management Phoenix Open is an annual golf event in Scottsdale that generally offers perfect weather and a great environment for a lively time. This week-long event is the perfect time for PGA lovers to marvel in Arizona’s weather. With temperatures expected to hover around 70 degrees, it’s almost like the tournament is bringing a taste of spring to the Valley of the Sun.

With any PGA event, there is of course etiquette on how to dress and what items you can bring with you to the tournament. Knowing this, below are the top five PGA-approved gadgets you should take to a PGA event this year.

The Top 5 Golf-Inspired Gear for any PGA Event

1. The GustBuster Umbrella. With 190-thread count nylon for the canopy of the umbrella, the GustBuster is a great way to protect you from rain and also block out rays of sunshine. With warm temperatures and a long day of sitting in the sun, you are prone to a sunburn, which is unhealthy for your skin. Instead of burning, consider bringing a large umbrella that can also hold its own against gusts of wind of up to 55 miles per hour. Surprisingly enough, it can rain in sunny Arizona — even during the timing of the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Check the weather forecast before venturing out to the tournament.

2. Sunglasses. Attending a golf event is like being at the mercy of the sun’s rays and sometimes it is hard to avoid. Be prepared and protect your eyes. The Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ offer polarized lens to prevent UV rays from catching your retinas. In addition, these lenses are hydrophobic, which means your glass lens will not get damaged in the rain. You can even customize the lenses on Oakley Flak Jackets to tailor the look to fit your style.

3. Binoculars. With the sun shining or the rain pouring, it’s difficult to follow that little white ball as it soars through the air once it leaves the tee. A good pair of binoculars, like the Callaway Laser 300 Rangefinders can help you see the action from near to far. When your favorite golfer tees off, you can use these to locate the ball or the fairway or green. The Callaway Laser 300 Rangefinders can accurately detect the distance of the drive. These binoculars may be the coolest thing you bring along with you.

4. Walking Shoes. As you can imagine, an 18-hole tournament player’s course is no short feat.
Following along the course to watch your favorite golfer in action drive after drive, you will need to walk a considerable amount. The average distance with each hole is 400 yards, so you are looking at a 1,200-foot trek multiplied by 18 holes (21,600 feet in total). For this reason, you will want to wear good shoes – the PGA will not allow flip flops. Wear comfortable walking shoes such as any of these made by Nike to keep your feet in great health.

5. The Basis Peak. When you are walking long distances and enjoying the PGA event, you may not realize it, but you are working a lot. This is why it is a good idea to wear a fitness tracker, such as the Basis Peak. The Peak will monitor your fitness and sleep, heart rate and walking. If you walk a distance of 21,600 feet during one 18-hole event, you are taking a lot of steps. If you have an average distance of two feet per step, you will walk a minimum of 10,800 steps at that one event.

This is your days’ worth of steps needed for weight management and if you do this over four days you are likely to have great results on your tracker.


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