The Best Cardio for People Who Hate Cardio

Not everyone likes cardio. It involves exercises that usually take a long time to complete and have you gasping for air by the end of them. I’m sure lots of people are like me and would much rather be lifting weights than jumping on a cardio machine for a long and boring 30/60 minutes. The cardio machine is often difficult and tedious to pick up because you essentially end up in the same place doing the same thing for quite some time. This can make it super hard to motivate yourself and develop a program that sticks.

The good news we have for you today is that if you don’t like cardio, you don’t have to force it. We’ve put together a list of several ways that you can get your cardio in without even noticing it, and perhaps even enjoy it. We promise that there will be a type out there that suits you so keep reading!

Best Workouts for People Who Hate Cardio

There are many things you can do to assist you in getting the same workout results as you would get from a long session on the treadmill. Without the need for repetitive and boring cardio machines, you can burn just as many calories without the whole day on a cardio machine. The following types of cardio can really give you that extra push that seals the deal when it comes to shifting those last few lbs. If you love the benefits of cardio but hate the process – here they are.


Don’t click away yet! Running on a treadmill is of course exactly what we’re looking to avoid, but it’s still considered the best cardio exercise by many trainers. So, if we can find a way to make it enjoyable for us, that would be the perfect scenario. The list of benefits to running is long and well supported by a huge amount of research so any alterations you can make to the exercise that make it bearable for you will be well worth making.

Firstly, it really does get a lot easier once your body has adapted to it. If you’re jumping in at the deep end and going too hard, too fast, it will always be met by an instant rejection by your body. Consider shorter, more frequent bouts of running, at higher speeds than usual. This will give a great workout to your whole body and give you a whole host of other benefits. It also keeps it fun. Then, try to give it some time to settle in. Once the required muscles have strengthened a little, it takes a lot of the struggle out of it.

Secondly, as we definitely want to avoid the treadmill, try and find some pleasant natural surroundings for your runs. This will give you a solid mood boost and can become a kind of meditative practice that will always beat staring at a wall in the gym.

Incline walking

Incline walking should be your go-to cardio exercise when feeling lazy and not up to a regular workout. When you walk in an inclined position, you increase your heart rate and burn more of those crucial calories than when you’re walking on a flat surface. Walking on an incline activates most muscles on your legs and abdomen, giving them several benefits, including strength and fitness.

Walking in this position for a couple of minutes makes you burn many calories that you wouldn’t in other cardio machines. Inclined walking is also less hectic and often more enjoyable compared to jogging on a treadmill.


Rowing is another effective exercise for individuals who don’t like cardio. Rowing is great as it works out a whole load of muscle groups at the same time. It assists the body by building and toning your muscles after every workout session. It is one of those training activities that you could do for 10 minutes and still be exhausted, which is not a bad thing when it comes to fitness training. The energy required is enough to burn calories in your body very fast. Rowing helps strengthen your back and arms and stabilize your core if you fully commit and engage with it.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more entertaining and less painful compared to the treadmill. High-intensity interval training will take less of your time while you burn more calories in the same period. The main objective of high-intensity interval training is to elevate your heart rate for a certain period and then rest it for another brief period. It can be done by sprinting for some seconds, say 20, and resting for 10 seconds. You can use many combinations as long as you use your maximum effort before going for a break. You can decide to perform these intervals for almost 20 minutes, and the number of calories you will have burnt will be more than an individual running for 50 minutes. Intervals will burn calories very fast, and after the workout, it continues to burn calories, unlike regular cardio. If you perform high-intensity interval training a couple of times a week, your cardio will be on point.


Spinning is a type of HIIT that works by increasing your heart rate in steady spikes for 45 minutes. It helps build muscle and increases your endurance while burning a lot of calories simultaneously. It is different from other aerobics since you won’t be putting a lot of pressure on your joints, especially on your knees, since it’s pretty low-impact. It is among the best exercises if you have an injury.

Skipping rope

Skipping a rope is a firm favorite of boxers and is another effective way to exercise if you don’t like cardio. Skipping ropes involves you using your body weight as the load. Your legs are responsible for lifting your body so that the rope in your hand doesn’t hit your legs. It is a whole-body exercise that increases your heart rate and burns calories while at the same time conditioning muscles all over your body.

Skipping ropes can also be used with high-intensity interval training, where you can pick an interval like 50 skips with 10-second rest. It is an effective workout, and its output is intense when combined with other exercises.

Tire flips

Tire flips are great for people who want more muscle-focused cardio that works out the posterior chain while avoiding the risks associated with exercises such as deadlifts. It involves thoracic extensions that raise the chest and work out the back, a position that keeps your spine neutral. You can use also use tire flips as part of a HIIT workout by performing them intensely for a minute, resting for some seconds, and then repeating the sets.

Stairmaster Machine Workout

A Stairmaster is a fitness machine that operates by rotating its steps in a stationary place. a StairMaster allows you to climb a lot of steps at your own pace for the duration you like. It allows blood to circulate in your body improving your blood circulation and it burns a very respectable amount of calories in a short time. It’s super effective and way more interesting than a jog on the treadmill.


Working out should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. There are several ways to handle working out that don’t involve intensely boring and painful cardio sessions. If you’re one of those people that could think of few things worse than a 30-minute jog on a treadmill, try some of our suggestions to spice it up and keep you engaged while achieving the same benefits.

Despite how easy they may seem, the exercises above need a solid amount of determination and discipline for you to stick to a routine. If you do, you will surely be rewarded.

Remember to always try including a diet plan in your exercise regimen so that you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy your results.

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