How to Get Slimmer Thighs

How to Get Slimmer Thighs

You reach in your closet and find a pair of jeans you have not worn in about nine months.  Sweet, a forgotten pair of jeans will help make the wardrobe complete.  When you slide both your legs in the pant holes and begin to slip them up the thighs, you notice the jeans hug a little tighter than what you remember.  Wait, did the jeans shrink?

This scenario is something many experience.  This phenomenon of the shrinking jeans around the thigh is more of a scary nightmare for some.  If you are someone who has experienced this, now is the time to make a change.  For this phenomenon is not due to shrinking jeans phenomenon, it is due to expanding thigh syndrome and it can be due to a variety of factors.  If you take action now, your jeans and health can forever be saved.

Diet is one of the more important factors when it comes to reducing expanding thighs.  In order to lose some inches from the thighs, you will need to track what you are eating.  There are a ton of applications that do this and actually they use the barcode from the foods to help track what you are consuming.  If this is not something you enjoy, you can use a journal to track you food intake.  Regardless of what you choose, you will need to do this in order to start losing inches from your thighs.

In addition to monitoring your diet, you will need to step-up your exercise and make it a routine.  Your routine should include regularity, meaning weight training every other day and moderate-intensity cardio every day.  Listed below are some exercises that are helpful for losing the unwanted inches off your thighs.

Exercises for Slimmer Thighs

  • Running/Jogging. Running is one of the hardest forms of physical activity for the body, meaning your body uses a lot of energy in order to do the activity.  Regardless of fitness level, you can start running at anytime.  Start slow and progress slow if you are new.  Aim to run/walk for a mile until you are able to completely run a whole mile without stopping.  The energy used for this type of aerobic exercise will have fast results and will shred excess subcutaneous fat from your body.
  • Cycling or Spin. Cycle or spin directly works the thighs for the entire workout.  In addition to directly working the thighs, the core is secondarily worked.  Do this at least three times per week for an hour each and you will start to notice the difference in a hurry (provided you have your diet in check).
  • Leg Exercises. Losing inches from your thighs does not entail endless reps of leg exercises, for spot reduction is not a proven technique.  Rather, adding resistance training for the legs and thighs will help add lean mass and will help the legs look defined, which is more noticeable than the appearance of fat [1].  The muscle that is built in this area can elicit more fat burning and will help shred the excess in a nice way.  Any leg exercise should suffice so start with some of the basics and go from there: leg curl, leg extension, leg press, and calf raise.
  • Uphill Walking. Walking on an incline will work the hamstrings, glutes, and quads primarily, while secondarily working the core and other areas of the body, thus leading to an increase in energy use.  Walking is one of the most compliant and easiest forms of exercise one can do every day and when there is an uphill grade added to the mix, the effects are more pronounced.  Aim to walk for at least an hour each day and the results can be inflated if you split that up over three times per day.
  • Squats and Lunges. On your resistance training days, you should add in a mix of multi-joint resistance training exercises.  Lunges and squats are two great additions for your workout you ought to regularly complete to lose inches from your thighs [2].  If you are feeling eager and motivated and have a nice burst of energy, try mixing intervals of running, squats, and lunges into your mix in that order.  Attempt a faster than normal paced run for two minutes, then immediately do max reps squats, and max reps alternating lunges.  Continue in this order until you complete five rounds of this for a complete, fast workout.
  • Box Jumps. This is a great exercise for anyone looking to lose inches in the thigh area.  The amount of energy required to jump against gravity is high.  This is why the box jump is perfect for anyone with healthy knees and ankles.  This power exercise, when completed every other day, will help reduce inches off your thighs and will help increase muscle mass in this area.  Perform at least three sets of max reps box jumps and make sure to pay attention to your form during this exercise.





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