The Best Healthy Weight Loss Diet Program

The Best Healthy Weight Loss Diet ProgramIf you are looking for Scottsdale weight loss solutions, then my personal training facilities are your best bet against the flab! While you decide to make your way over to Lucas James Personal Training, here are some of the rules of weight loss that I like to live by:

Eating Properly Is Half the Battle Won

A healthy diet is important if you want a healthy life devoid of pains, aches and weird illnesses. Eating foods rich in harmful fats and empty calories can lead to chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.

But a healthy diet that doesn’t contain any fat-filled foods and processed items can help you lose a lot of weight with even small amounts of exercise. When your body gets the nutrition it needs along with the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals not only do you get lose the excessive fat but also develop a strong immune system that can fight illnesses and diseases… like a ninja!

Sugar is your worst enemy; this means that in order to lose weight you need to stay away from the colas, dried stuff and all things sweet.

It is also important to make sure that the energy and calories that you intake are balanced with the energy being spent by your body. And this means lots of physical activity so you can burn what you eat.

Protein laden foods are great aids when your goal is weight loss. Protein helps your body hold onto the muscle through the weight loss process, it also improves muscle fitness and helps build HDL or good cholesterol levels in our bodies.

Although weight lifters and body builders have forever been singing praises of protein rich food, new research suggests that protein can satisfy hunger in a much more efficient manner when compared to fats and carbohydrates.

Nutritionists and doctors suggest eating around 120 grams of proteins a day. Ask your triner or nutritionist for the best way of doing this.

You May Not Like Cardio But It’s Here To Stay!

What happens is that you get up bright and early for the morning jog for 4 days in a row, but on the 5th day skipping a day’s cardio doesn’t seem like much of an issue. And soon you are missing whole weeks of cardio exercises. This happens because cardio-intensive exercises consist of repetitive actions.

What I suggest is that you mix it up. May be jog one day and then cycle the next.

Cardio is important for weight loss because it gets you burning more calories than any other exercise. It challenges you inside and out, so you are sweating, panting and burning more calories than ever. Besides if a cardio exercise becomes too easy for you, it is quite simple to rev up the intensity of the exercise. For example just increase the speed, or incline. Climb a hill instead of jogging or try a completely new exercise such as swimming.

Cardio is also an effective exercise because it can be done almost every day. With strength and weight training you need to give rest to your muscles between each exercise in order to recover and grow. But with cardio you can safely perform the exercises most days without worrying about overtraining.

Get Your Sleep On!

Doctors advise to sleep at least 7 hours every night. And when you don’t do that, two things happen to your body: first of all, you feel hungry even when you are full and secondly, your body’s fat stores only get bigger.

Researchers recommend that in order to lose weight, people must adjust their sleeping habits along with their eating habits. Avoid eating large meals before bedtime, stop eating at least 3 hours prior to going to sleep. Also don’t exercise right before bed time either. Don’t take caffeine rich foods and drinks in the evening s these will interfere with a healthy sleep later on in the night.

And if none of this is helping with the sleep, it is important to get in touch with a doctor to find out the causes.

Drink Enough Water for Weight LossDrink Enough Water for Weight Loss

Water is the most important supplement you can give yourself. It helps transport nutrients all over the boy and gets rids of the waste. Cold water can help speed up your metabolism and help burn calories. Yes, drinking cold water helps burn calories! How awesome is that? Your body works hard to warm it up meaning weight loss for you! Water also keeps you full and away from meaningless snacking at odd hours. So if it isn’t time to eat, get your drink on for the ultimate weight loss solution!

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