6 Healthier Holiday Cocktails

6 Healthier Holiday CocktailsThe holiday season is the time of the year when individuals tend to enjoy cocktails at holiday parties and get-togethers. These can be hard on the body and your metabolic health, so if you must indulge, please do so responsibly and consider a lighter version to save on calories and alcohol content.  Here are some healthier holiday cocktails that you should consider this year.

  1. Spiked Eggnog. Traditional varieties tend to be high in calories, sugar and fat, which is why drinking eggnog is not recommended for those who are on a weight loss program.  Rather than traditional holiday eggnog, consider a lighter version to save on the guilt the next day.  Consider kefir nog this year using this recipe to spice things up a bit.
  2. Holiday Sangria. Sangria is a tasty choice for most any occasion, but the issue is that traditional sangria is loaded with sugar.  Consider skipping the traditional version for a lighter, sugar-free version of the sangria.  Use this recipe to wow your guests this year.
  3. Rum Hot Toddy. There is word out there that a Hot Toddy can help alleviate the symptoms of a cold.  While this has not been demonstrated in modern research, it is quite intriguing to drink a cocktail that could have the properties to “cure” your cold.  Consider a twist to the original Hot Toddy by adding rum, a dash of honey, fresh lemon, cinnamon, and boiling hot water.  You can find the recipe to this healthy cocktail here and make sure to make enough for your holiday guests this year.
  4. Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail. Mix one bottle of sparkling wine with fresh pomegranate juice, grenadine, and some lime.  This is a great way to increase your flavonoids in a healthy way, while benefiting from the relaxing properties of wine.
  5. The Winter Version of Sea Breeze. This healthy cocktail is loaded with grapefruit juice, vodka, and tonic water, which gives it a carbonated feel with every drink.  The strong flavor of the grapefruit juice will overpower the vodka in the cocktail, which works well for keeping the calorie content low.
  6. Winter Sun Cocktail. This is a refreshing, light, and low-calorie cocktail for the holidays.  Use clementine juice and some lemon with your favorite brand of vodka for this great holiday cocktail.  Follow along here for some insight on this light cocktail.

Keep It Moderate

Keeping your alcohol consumption to a moderate amount this year can also have a great affect for your fitness program moving forward.  Even though the suggested cocktails above are healthy, be aware that any alcohol in the body can contribute to fat gain and storage in the abdominal area.  Your challenge this holiday season is to drink in moderation and avoid over-consuming alcohol to the point to where your inhibitions are lowered.  In addition, stay on top of your fitness program regardless of what party, event, or celebration is happening.


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