The Total-Body Partner Workout

Total-Body Partner Workout

Working out is much better when you have a partner, friend, or companion with you to help push you to that next level.  Sometimes the company during a difficult workout can help boost comfort and esteem to send you to the next level.  While it is manageable to workout with a friend through an entire circuit, doing the same reps and sets, it is not the same as a partner workout where both members are struggling to finish the same workout and relying on each other for success.  Listed below is a complete, total-body workout that you and your partner can do the next time you hit the gym.

The Complete Total-Body Partner Workout

The Warm-up

For the warm-up, you and your partner should move the entire body to warm the body, muscles, and joints.  You can do this by running a lap around the track (or a quarter mile on the treadmill) followed by light squats and range-of-motion activities.  Spend at least five minutes warming the body.

The Workout

Squat and Jumps. The first partner exercise in your workout requires a resistance band.  You and your partner should grab one end of the resistance band and step away so that you create tension in the band.  Simultaneously lower your body into a squat then jump upwards at the same time.  Land and repeat for more reps.  This is a great partner exercise that will get your heart pumping and legs burning.  Start with three sets of 10 reps for a great start to your workout.

Lunge with Rotations. Keep the resistance band and stand next to your partner.  Make sure to stand at a distance far enough that creates resistance in the tubing.  Both of you need to complete one lunge and upon your lunge descent, add a trunk twist to the opposite side as your partner, which will cause a good amount of resistance.  Complete 10 reps each leg and repeat for a total of three sets.  Make sure to switch sides.

One Leg Chest Pass. Grab a reasonably sized medicine ball for you and your partner.  Stand on one leg about five feet away from your partner.  Your task is to pass the medicine ball with both hands to your partner without the foot touching the floor the entire time.  Your partner will pass it back to you in the same way that you passed it.  Compete 10 reps each person on each leg and only complete two sets.

Wheelbarrow-Style Push-Up and Deadlift Combo. Get into a push-up position while your partner holds your ankles so that your feet are off the ground.  Perform a push-up then your partner will perform a deadlift.  Alternate so that you hold yourself in a plank position while your partner performs the deadlift.  Complete about 12-15 reps of the wheelbarrow-style push-ups for three sets.  Make sure to switch after your sets.

Standing Trunk Rotations. You and your partner need to stand in a tall posture with your glutes touching (or near touching) while holding a medicine ball.  Twist (using your obliques and abdominals) towards each other and one person will pass the medicine ball to the other person.  Make sure to keep a tight core and twist using your oblique and abdominal muscles to gain the most benefit.  Aim for about a total of 60 seconds of truck twisting and take a brief break in between sets (30 seconds).  Complete a total of three sets.  Switch directions so that you both can strengthen each side of your core.

Planks and a High Five. Planks can fun when doing them with a partner.  Both of you will hold a plank position then give your partner a high five mid-position.  Both you and your partner should alternate hands for the high fives and aim to complete a total of 10 high fives (five each arm/hand).  Complete a total of three sets.

Stretching.  Now that you both have completed your workout, stretch with your partner, hitting all major muscle groups in the body and each partner should hold for 30 seconds each.  To make it partner-based, consider assisted stretching techniques to encourage a full range of flexibility in the muscles.   








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