These 10 Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations Will Blow Your Mind and Inspire You

Find out how celebrities lose weight and transform their looks!

Celebrity weight loss transformations always receive a lot of attention. One of the most googled questions is: “How do celebrities lose weight this fast?”

Most celebrity transformations get publicized, inspiring people to follow their training and diet. 

Often, celebrities start their weight loss journeys because of professional projects such as movies, world tours, video clips, or campaigns. They share the results or the hard work behind the scenes in their social media, which can help them stay accountable and consistent.

Recently, Will Smith has been sharing his weight loss transformation in 90 days. So, we already know who will be in the top celebrity beach bodies  next year. Other celebrities are joining him to shred out the ‘dad bod’ as well.


Top 2021 Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations


1. Ree Drummond – Food Network Hostess

Ree Drummond started her weight loss journey in January 2021 and has since lost 43 pounds.

She shares her tips and way of losing weight in her blog posts and says that she transformed her body without food restriction, intermittent fasting, or a personal trainer.

Ree has shared her favorite app ‘Happy Scale‘, which helped her track her weight.

Kudos to her!


2. Rebel Wilson – Comedian, Actress

Rebel always used her weight in her stand-ups to raise awareness about body positivity. But, last year, she started changing her unhealthy habits, move more and eat better. 

The comedian declared 2020 her “year of health” and shared her goals. She is working with trainer Jono Castano and using the Mayr Method to lose weight.

Among the things that have not changed, she mentioned her self-confidence. It was always there and doesn’t change with the number in her scale.

In May 2021, she shared this picture in her IG showing her very inspiring weight loss transformation:



3.  Adele – Grammy Winner Singer

Adele shook the internet with her weight loss transformation. Everybody got inspired by how much she had achieved while being out of the highlights.

She started watching her diet and working out to prepare for a world tour. But she has stuck to it throughout the pandemic and has since then lost more than 100 lb.

In an Instagram post, her trainer Pete Geracimo said that Adele’s journey was not only about losing weight. She wanted to be healthier post-pregnancy and build better habits.

Actually, Adele’s weight loss transformation did not happen that quickly. She first started her fitness journey in 2010.

She looks stunning in bikinis at the Notting Hill Carnival in London:



4. Busta Rhymes – Rapper

Busta Rhymes’s weight loss transformation started with a wake-up call when he found himself struggling to breathe and 400 lb heavy.  

Busta Rhymes has since lost 100 lb in 12 months using Weight Watchers and Peloton app. He works out with different trainers and focuses on bodybuilding exercises.

The 48 years old rapper says he is presently in the best shape of his life and more energetic than ever.


5. Tiffany Haddish – Actress, Hostess

Tiffany Haddish has been candid about her new fitness journey and the challenges she has had to go through. In an interview for People, she said that she doesn’t want to lose weight anymore, but sculpt it, sculpt it, sculpt it.

With a sexy toned body, Tiffany is more than ready to portray legendary Olympian Florence Griffith Joyner in a biopic movie.

Her goal for 2021 is to have abs before Christmas. And she is almost there as the last bikini picture in her Instagram profile shows:


6. Jonah Hill – Actor

Jonah Hill’s weight loss transformation has been surprising and inspiring for everyone. 

Different from many celebrities, Jonah started his fitness journey with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For him, training is more than just about looks. He uses it as a mental health practice to keep him resilient and confident.

His transformation has been a real ride since he had to slim down for the action-comedy 22 Jump Street back in 2014.


7. Snooki – TV Personality

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, a mother of three, has been taking care of herself, especially after the last pregnancy.  

Part of her fitness journey is showing her kiddos how to take care of themselves and build healthy habits.

Snooki trains with celebrity personal trainer Anthony Michael. She also enjoys group workouts to keep her motivation and spirit up. 

Polizzi has been focusing on plyometrics, and her goal is to gain 10 lb of muscle.

In an Instagram she posts her pull ups:

Nice calves Snooki!


8. Kelly Osbourne – TV Personality

Kelly Osbourne was open about her drug addiction and how she started overeating and gained a lot of weight in rehab. She went through the gastric sleeve surgery but had to work hard to keep the weight off.

Her 2020 resolution was to make the year all about her, her health, and wellbeing. 

Lacy Stone, Osbourne’s personal trainer, shared their HIIT workouts that helped the celebrity burn calories, lose weight, and build muscle. Nutrition-wise, Kelly combined intermittent fasting and a plant-based diet


9. Action Bronson – Rapper, Chef

Being a big boy all his life, Action Bronson took control of his health during this pandemic. The rapper who loves singing to food and cooking it, lost 127 pounds in nine months.

He shares videos of his kettlebell barbell workouts or doing burpees in the park while screaming food names.

In an interview for Men’s Health, he said he is grateful to former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia and the birth of his son for his weight loss transformation.


10. Peter Facinelli – Actor

Another celebrity weight loss transformation that happened during the pandemic is that of Peter Facinelli. The actor decided to focus on his health and take care of himself in a time when everything stopped. Having no distractions around made it easier on Peter.

He cut on unhealthy food and sugar, and he revealed that he feels more energetic.

Apart from his fridge, he shared with Men’s Health his love for outdoor exercise like bike riding as well. He said that his secret to keeping up with a diet is meal prepping.

He looks amazing in this topless IG picture where he joined the campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer.


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