Top 10 Best Workouts in 2021 Free and Paid

Because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, fitness enthusiasts everywhere had to adapt their outdoor or gym workouts to “flat-friendly” or “bodyweight” workouts. Some built a home gym, bought a few dumbbells, a skipping rope, a yoga mat, or hired an online personal trainer. The sale of dumbbells on eBay increased by 1980% during the 2020 lockdown period compared to the same period in 2019.

Personal trainers and fitness influencers created free, paid, and subscription-based home workouts modifying their services to the new global conditions.
Did you get the best workouts of 2021 yet? In this article, we will go through the most popular fitness programs that people enjoyed in 2021. Below you will find the best workouts of 2021 that will make you sweat, build strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility from the comfort of your home.

Workout Trends in 2021

According to a study, in Australia, the UK, and the USA, the interest in exercise surged during the lockdown and remained at a higher level than before the lockdown.

Run Repeat surveyed 4,538 active adults in 126 countries and found out the workout trends of 2020 vs. 2021:

  • Exercising outdoors is the most popular fitness trend in 2021 (59.1% of adults).
  • The three fastest-growing fitness trends in 2021 are:
    • At-home fitness equipment (up 49.6%)
    • Personal trainers/nutritionists (up 47.5%)
    • Online fitness courses, classes, and subscriptions (up 16.8%)

Ranking the Top 10 Best Workouts in 2021

Best Outdoor Workouts 2021

During this pandemic, people picked up running and cycling as a way to move more. Others took their mats, skipping ropes or resistance bands and trained in parks nearby. Parks, where outdoor exercise equipment is available, became a popular go-to place.

1. Running – Nike Run Club
The Nike Run Club app is the most popular running community in the world. Only last year, Nike saw an almost 200% increase in demand for its commerce app.Nike Run Club tracks your runs, capturing time, distance, pace, heart rate, all for FREE! You can start with a guided run and switch up the gear to challenge yourself or other community members. The brand’s well-known motivational essence amplifies in the app.

Download it on iOS or Android.

A *bonus* suggestion is Strava Workout App, which works well for cycling and running. It has a free version, but also a paid one that includes premium support for $5/month.

2. Outdoor Workouts- Peloton App
Peloton App is the most comprehensive app for outdoor workouts in 2021. With the help of instructors, you can train with or without equipment using your phone, tablet, TV, and web browser for $12.99 per month.
This app guarantees to find something exciting for everyone, from outdoor running to cycling, strength training, meditation, Bootcamp workouts, stretching, yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and more.Download it on iOS or Android.

3. Outdoor Classes- Aaptiv App
With thousands of workouts and new classes every week, Aaptiv App has a range of workout styles depending on your preferences. The app allows you to choose a personal trainer and listen to power songs.The Aaptiv team takes pride in the quality of their audio and video instructions, and their mission is to give everybody a personalized fitness experience. Aaptiv has two subscription options: $14.99/month and $99.99/year.

Download it on iOS or Android.

A completely free *bonus* website that has many outdoor options is Fitness Blender.

Best Home Workouts 2021

Best Workouts with and Without Fitness Equipment

4. Kettlebell Workouts by Fitify App

Kettlebell sales increased by 1000%

in the last year, and it’s clear to see why. They are highly efficient since you can train every muscle with just a kettlebell and build strength, endurance, and muscles.

Kettlebell Workouts by Fitify app is the best FREE kettlebell workout app. It has 45+ kettlebell exercises and 5 workout programs with high-quality audio and video demos to assist you. You just need to buy the kettlebell and put in a bit of effort.
Download it on iOS or Android.

5. HIIT – Freeletics Workout App

HIIT- high-intensity interval training has become popular for the fast results in burning calories, building strength and endurance. Also, HIIT workouts are time-efficient since they typically only last 10 – 30 minutes.

Freeletics Workout App converts any workout style like running, cardio, free weights, bodyweight into a HIIT workout. But they offer more than that; in 5 to 20-minute sessions, the Freeletics team aims to teach healthy habits, boost weight loss, and improve your focus, training, recovery, and sleep.

You get 20 HIIT bodyweight workouts, 25 exercises, 20 audio sessions, and a community of 42 million people for FREE! They offer a premium service of a three-monthly subscription of $34.99.

Download it on iOS or Android.

6. Best Workouts by Top Celebrity Trainers – FitOn

FitOn team takes pride in its FREE WORKOUTS by top trainers, such as Jeanette Jenkins, Katie Dunlop, and Cassey Ho. You can choose from different categories like cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, yoga, Pilates, etc. It also has nutrition guides to help you lead a holistic healthier life.

Download it on iOS or Android.

7. Best Abs Workout- Chloe Ting’s challenges

Every fitness app, YouTube channel, or website has tens of abs workouts. But, a fitness influencer and Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer Chloe Ting was able to market it best during this pandemic. Her audience grew from 2.6M in February 2020 to 20M as of June 2021. 

Millions of people followed Chloe Ting’s abs workouts and challenges, often sharing their results on social media platforms and YouTube, showcasing their progress. Chloe Ting created biweekly and monthly challenges for six-packs, fat loss, glute workouts, lean thighs, and more. You can watch them for free and, with a bit of dedication, see your body fat burn.

Slow Fitness or Low Impact Best Workouts 2021

In Google/Apple App Store rankings, slow fitness apps like yoga, meditation, Pilates, and stretching are on top for popularity.

You can check YouTube channels like Yoga with Adriane (the most popular YouTube channel for yoga with 9.87M) and Yoga with Kassandra. They offer a variety of yoga flows and practices of 20-60 minutes in length for different levels, all for FREE!

8. Yoga for Beginners

The #1 rated free workout app for yoga beginners! The app has free voice-guided yoga workouts you can do in your home or outdoors. You can stretch your body, calm your breath but also challenge your mobility and flexibility skills.

Download it on iOS or Android.

9. Down Dog

There are many paid yoga apps out there by different trainers, but Down Dog has over 208.9k reviews and a rating of 4.9. What distinguishes Down Dog is that it will not get boring since the app doesn’t repeat the same workout to the same person with a base of over 300,000 different routines.

For only $7.99 per month, you get to choose among 7 personal trainers and become a real yogi.

Download it on iOS and Android.

Pilates Class- Best Workout 2021

Pilates is a workout method that takes time to learn and has its own rules, so you might need more than just YouTube videos to get the hang of it. That’s why we recommend one of the most popular online Pilates classes with a top personal trainer at a very affordable price.

10. Daily Burn Pilates Class

Daily Burn offers a comprehensive Pilates program from beginners to intermediate. Your trainer will be Andrea Speir, a well-recognized name in the Pilates community. The program has a 30 day free trial period, and after that, it offers subscriptions of $15 monthly and a Premium service of $30/monthly.

A *bonus* free Pilates workout source is Blogilates by Cassey Ho.

Final Thoughts

All in all, with so many options available, there is no excuse to try new things and challenge yourself to move more every day, build your goal body and get that serotonin hit. You can choose from paid apps to free fitness materials available to everyone on YouTube or other platforms.
Whatever it takes to get you moving, any of these options is an excellent place to start your fitness journey!

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