The Top 10 Luxury Gyms in the World

The Top 10 Luxury Gyms in the World

One of the best things about traveling is discovering places we thought never imagined.  Different cultures bring about the best wonders of the world and part of the wonders of the world includes structurally magnificent buildings.  These buildings could 5 story high dwellings, ancient markets, and new age architecture.  The next time you travel somewhere, ask yourself what you will be doing?  Will you be traveling in luxury?  If you desire luxury, then this is the article for you.

A week or two traveling away from home means your regular routine is virtually gone.  Fortunately, many hotels provide luxury services, including luxury gyms so that you can keep your routine part of your lifestyle even while you travel.  Consider the following section for the top luxury gyms in the world you ought to consider when traveling.

The Top 10 Luxury Gyms Worldwide

  1. Tiger Muay Thai Gym, Thailand. This gym is one of the most luxurious gyms in the world for good reason.  First, a year membership costs $3,444 [1].  Second, the gym is considered one of the best gyms for practicing martial arts, something which is almost foreign to the American standard gym.  Like many gyms we have come to understand, there are plenty of amenities and fitness equipment including sledgehammers, truck tires, heavy bags, yoga, strength training equipment, and many more.  If you are visiting Thailand this year, consider stopping by for a cheap $10 package for your workout.
  2. Gold’s Gym Ca, United States. Gold’s Gym is a well-known franchise and is known for body building and strength training facilities.  This one in particular is known for being a state of the art, three-story facility loaded with the “best” personal trainers in the United States.  A year membership at this gym could top just over $10,000 depending on what amenities you choose [2].
  3. The Harbour Gym, London. A yearly membership at this location could cost upwards of $20,000 and as little as $1,876 per year [3].  This gym used to host Princess Diana and was once her exclusive location due to the luxury offered.  Some amenities include a fully equipped gym, Pilates, 25 meter pool, and a spa clinic.  If you are traveling to London, consider taking a peak at this location for your workout.
  4. E At Equinox, New York, United States. This is a well-known gym in the United States, with some of the most luxury seeking individuals flocking here regularly.  With an annual membership costing $21,000 per year, the amenities include health assessments, personal fitness coaches (personal trainers), body composition analysis, metabolic rate testing, and movement analysis.
  5. The Houstonian Club, Houston, United States. This massive 125,000 square foot gym costs $24,000 just for the initial membership fee and an additional $300 every month to maintain.  This gym has eight tennis courts, three pools, and a boxing ring; amenities that are not seen at many gyms anywhere.
  6. La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocco. Located in Morocco and surrounded by the hotel’s land, this gym has oversized glass doors with cool blue walls, private rooms for Yoga, Pilates, and fitness classes offered [4].  In addition, the spin room looks out to a beautiful green area in part of the hotel’s 20 acres.
  7. The Siam, Bangkok, Thailand. This is the second luxury gym on the list from Thailand and part of the reason is due to the nation’s culture for luxury and for fitness.  This gym has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a monastery, demonstrating the luxury aspect.  This gym offers a good amount of martial arts as well.
  8. Turtle Bay, Oahu, United States. Hawaii is the best place for luxury and relaxation and what better spot than in Oahu on the north shore to have a luxury gym.  This gym has treadmills located near windows that look out to the North Shore’s surf breaks, giving you a glimpse of surfers out on the sea [5].  In addition, take hula classes to work the core.  Everything you would expect from a Hawaiian adventure.
  9. Castiglion de Bosco, Tuscany, Italy. This Italian gym has full views of vineyards and hillsides of Val d’ Orcia, which is described as one of the best corners in Tuscany.  This gym has a Technogym Kinesis built into the wall and personal trainers to help you work it.  In addition, this gym has boot camps in the forest with a triathlete.
  10. Athlete’s Performance, Phoenix, Unites States. This gym located in Arizona is famous for celebrities such as Kevin Love, Mario Williams, Max Starks, and Eva Longoria.   It contains a 60 meter track with three lanes, a football field 80 yards in size, and an underwater treadmill.  In addition, this gym has physiotherapy, hot and cold water pools, pitching mound, batting cages, and a covered basketball court [6].  There is a reason this luxury gym costs $30,000 per year.




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