The Top 10 Ripped Athletes

The Top 10 Ripped AthletesWhen we think of athletes, we often forget that they spend hours upon hours of training in the gym. Too many times we think they were born ripped and were bestowed upon such prowess when really many of the athletes, especially in American sports, started when they were young. Even though exercising in the gym for a professional athlete is part of the career, many exercises performed are non-career specific, meaning they work other areas other than the muscles used during a game. Who qualifies as a ripped athlete? Who wins the prize as having the best of the best among the ones we idolize and strive to look like?

The Top 10 Ripped Athletes

In this section, a critique of the athletes with ripped bodies will be examined. While some of the analysis is purely opinionated, the selection below represents a great number of athletes who do more than their share to look good on the playing field, court, or course.

10. Tiger Woods – Golf

This is the only golfer on the list, but one thing that sets Tiger Woods apart from other golfers is that he is in great shape. He may not be the size of a linebacker, but his arms are as ripped as any athlete.

9. Mike Trout – Baseball

Baseball players are not necessarily known for being ripped, but if anyone represents this group, it is the reigning American League Most Valuable Player. To describe his power, it is stated that he is able to complete box jumps using a 50 inch box [1]. In addition to this, some have said he even does his jumps while holding weight plates, but there is some skepticism here. Regardless of whether or not he uses a weight plate, 50 inches is greater than four feet; that’s a high jump.

8. Adrian Wilson – Football

Many of the athletes listed are football players and for good reason. The biggest reason is that the body needs to be strong, everywhere. Any weaknesses in the body will result in a weakness on the field. Adrian Wilson is known for his days as an Arizona Cardinal defensive back and for his explosive power on the field. His hard hits on players of every size show his explosiveness, which is a marker of power.

7. Adrian Peterson – Football

Known for his strong legs capable of running through defenders, Adrian Peterson is one of the fittest and strongest athletes around. This picture shows how even a running back in the National Football League needs upper body strength.

6. Steve Weatherford – Football

This guy is beyond ripped. For having such a small frame, he can sure lift a lot of weight. He has been recorded as lifting 308 pounds for a power clean, 420 pounds on a back squat, a 315 pound bench press, and a 475 pound deadlift. Try reaching those goals while only maintaining about 10 percent body fat. His picture can be seen here.

5. LeBron James – Basketball

This is one sport where fans get to see more body parts than other sports. The arms are exposed and sometimes the jerseys are tight fitting. For the case in LeBron James, his biceps, shoulders, chest, and arms are all in great shape. Maybe the key to greatness in sports is being on top of your gym game.

4. Giancarlo Stanton – Baseball

A couple years ago, Stanton demonstrated how strong his body is by showing how far he can hit a baseball over the fence. Recently, he posed nude in Sports Illustrated and exposed his entire musculature. There is no doubt as to how he can hit a ball as far as he can after seeing his pictures in this issue.

3. James Ihedigbo – Football

This professional football safety is capable of a 225 pound bench press for 15 reps, demonstrating that he has some strong upper body for a safety.

2. Vernon Davis – Football

A tight end that can bench 225 pounds for 33 repetitions. This is why he is one of the best at his game.

1. James Harrison – Football

This list would not be complete without a linebacker. When looking at Harrison, it is easy to see why he is on top of this list. Anyone who can complete a single arm shoulder press with a three 45 pounds plates on each side of a bench bar deserves to be number one on the list. His arms are wider than most people’s legs.







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