Top 3 Weight-loss Apps to Help You Track Calories and Lose Weight

Top 3 Weight-loss Apps to Help You Track Calories and Lose WeightWhen you try to lose weight, reminding yourself about your goal every once in a while is helpful in order to stay both focused and motivated. Hence, why not utilize a tool that you frequently use such as your smart phone to help you keep track of your progress as well as to remind you of the foods and habits that you need to avoid.

With the hundred of apps that you can download using your mobile phone, you can now monitor your calorie intake with just a swipe of a finger. To help you find the best weight loss app that will help you success with your diet, here’s a comprehensive review of the most helpful weight-loss apps that you can find online!

Top 3 Weight-loss Apps for Dieters

Livestrong Calorie Tracker 

This mobile app is a great companion when you are trying to shed pounds. By downloading it on your phone, you can easily track the calories that you consume and check how many calories are left before you start to over eat. Similarly, aside from your calorie intake, you can also track your fat, sodium, cholesterol, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber and protein intake using this app.

Livestrong calorie tracker also serves as your fitness diary where you can document your activities and workout. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to determine whether you are having enough exercise, or if you need more to burn excess calories and fats.

Additionally, this app has a large database of approximately 625,000 food and fitness items, which could help you learn more about the food that you can include on your plate without hurting your diet and the fitness routines.

MyPlate Download the Livestrong Calorie Tracker here: iPhone or Android. 


This Smartphone app is one of the best and most popular weight-loss tools that you can use to increase your chances of achieving the figure that you always wanted.

If you’re wondering why myfitnesspal is better than other weight loss apps, it’s because it’s free, and yet it can consistently track your food intake, and document your weight-management activities. Moreover, if you download this app, you can access a large food database with over 3.4 million items and a discussion forum where you can learn new weight loss tips and diet recipes from people who share the same goal.

By getting this app, you’ll likely lose weight since you will have more control on what you eat. Hence, your success with your diet greatly depends on how you control yourself in giving in with your cravings and on how you work hard to cut back.

MyFitnessPal Download the MyFitnessPal app here: iPhone or Android

Lose it!

Lose it is a free weight loss app that allows you to monitor your calorie intake and exercise minutes. If you have it on your mobile, you can plan ahead especially with your meals. Furthermore, compared with other weight loss apps, lose it is more visually appealing and easier to use.  When you download it, make sure to log your food intake and minutes of workout daily so you can understand how your habits affect your diet. Lose it is another great smartphone app that is a must have for any dieter.

Lose it Download the Lose it! app here:  iPhone or Android


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