The Top 4 Boxing Gyms in Scottsdale

The Top 4 Boxing Gyms in Scottsdale

A well-trained boxer is one of the most thoroughly conditioned athletes in the world as there is no other sport that demands such a high level of sustained cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and power. If you’ve become sick of dumbbells and treadmills and are looking to get into shape quickly while also learning a highly effective form of self defense, then boxing could be the solution. Here are several great Scottsdale boxing gyms to choose from.

Haus Boxing

Haus Boxing in Scottsdale, Arizona is Old Town’s elite boxing training center with a high energy crowd. Haus caters to all ages and abilities and since owner Marty Barrett and his team of USA-certified boxing coaches opened up their doors, the adrenaline has been high and the motivation has been unmatched. It’s easy to see why their members keep coming back and their boxing classes in Scottsdale keep growing. The classes are all levels and designed to provide the fundamentals of boxing in the ring while also giving you an intense workout.

TITLE Boxing

Founded in 2008 by retired professional boxer Danny Campbell, TITLE Boxing Club Scottsdale is a health club that packs a punch. TITLE has many different classes that provide a total-body workout and include group boxing and kickboxing classes can burn up to 1,000 calories per session. TITLE provides classes for all levels and also offers personal 1-on-1 sessions for those who are looking to further develop their skills.

Jabz Boxing

This is not your old school boxing gym but definitely a unique play on boxing for fitness. Jabz Boxing is a fitness studio for women and provides a 45-minute circuit workout that combines boxing exercises with cardio, strength training, plyometrics, and numerous other boxing training exercises that are functional and fun for ladies of all ages. Each day offers a unique and custom workout to ensure your body will constantly be challenged.


UFC gym in Scottsdale is a franchise that offers a variety of martial arts and fitness classes in addition to a full service gym. They offer a huge variety of classes for all levels and even offer specific classes just for the ladies. Whether your interested in boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts; the UFC gym has a robust schedule that can cater to nearly anyone’s needs.

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