Top 5 Reasons Your Are Constantly Tired

Top 5 Reasons Your Are Constantly TiredDo you feel like too often you are sluggish or that your legs’ energy has been drained?  Do you feel like you have to struggle to stay awake during mid-day meetings or during the evening TV show on Netflix?  If you feel like you are constantly tired, then you are not alone.  That feeling of sluggishness and fatigue is something which affects a great deal of adults in the U.S. and is one reason why many forgo a workout in the late afternoon.  If fatigue affects you regularly throughout the week, continue reading for some reasons as to why you feel tired all the time.

The Mayo Clinic defines fatigue (chronic fatigue) as a constant lethargy which develops throughout an individual’s life and diminishes energy levels and mental capacity [1].  Given that the feeling of being tired is also a mental condition, there are a plethora of prime causes as to why you feel this fatigue.  Listed below are the top 5 reasons you feel tired all the time.

The Top 5 Reasons why you are Always Tired

  1. Anemia. This condition affects a whopping 3.5 million Americans every year and it is a very common cause of fatigue among women in childbearing ages [2].  Being anemic can be caused from a multitude of causes, but when an individual is anemic, the body is not receiving proper nourishment at the cellular level.  Iron (in the form of hemoglobin) in the body is responsible for carrying oxygen through the body and feeding working cells in the body much needed oxygen.  When someone is anemic, the body is receiving inadequate nutrients and oxygen, which could be a big reason why you feel tired often.
  2. Water is far from your daily habits. One downside to being in the heat of summer is that your body dries out, fast.  If you feel thirsty at any time during the day, your body may already be dehydrated.  Energy and hydration status; however, play a role in energy throughout the day.  Researchers say that even if you are dehydrated by two percent (which is not much), your body may be feeling that sluggish effect you know all too well [3].  To alleviate this problem, consider sipping water throughout the day.  Set your timer at work to go off every hour to drink 6-8 ounces.  Try not to chug your water as this will just go right through you and cause you to remain dehydrated.
  3. You do not sleep enough. So what is recommended for a good night’s sleep?  The rule of thumb is eight full hours, but do you really get eight hours every night?  Most Americans go to bed late watching TV and only function off of 5-6 hours of sleep.  Yes you may be able to complete your job at work, but how do you feel at the end of your shift and it is time to exercise?  If you feel drained come this time of the day, consider going to bed at a strict time every night and make sure the TV is shut off, phone is put away, and your Kindle or iPad is nowhere in the room.
  4. Thyroid issues. If you sleep pretty well every night and yet you still feel sluggish, consider checking with your doctor.  Your thyroid gland controls a lot of your daily energy and if you are sleeping well and have a good diet, you may have an underactive thyroid [4].  Your doctor needs to do a blood test and diagnose if this is the case, but be aware that your hormones could be at play here.
  5. You eat “heavy” foods. What are heavy foods?  These consist of starchy breads, pastas, fats, cakes, and many desserts often found around the office.  While these foods are probably high in caloric content, the biggest issue here is that your body must work hard to breakdown those foods.  When you eat these foods, your body releases insulin (most likely a lot of insulin) to help fend off blood sugar in the body.  When there are high amounts of insulin circulating in the blood, you will feel sluggish (a common side effect of insulin is fatigue).  If this sounds like your habits, consider swapping your heavy foods for lighter foods that are not as starchy.  Fruits and vegetables are a prime example of light foods.







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