Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

5 Tips to Stay Healthy Through the HolidaysThe holiday season is filled with some of the best cuisine, desserts, and holiday drinks.  As this time of the year progresses, it is easy to forget how to prevent illness and to stay healthy.  The holiday season, consisting of the time of the year from Thanksgiving to New Years, is one of the most ill-bound times of the year.  In addition, there is more intrapersonal contact among individuals, which helps spread germs and viruses throughout the nation.  Listed in this article are some of the most important tips you can receive to help prevent the spread of illness this holiday season.  In addition, listed are some holistic approaches for staying healthy this holiday season.

The Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

Hand Washing

Many germs and viruses are easily spread from person to person, making humans a perfect carrier for illness in a public setting.  Healthcare organizations have been promoting effective hand washing techniques to help further prevent communicable illnesses and have reached a large group of individuals thus far.  A recent study performed on 430 students in a college residence hall found effective hand washing to improve the rate of illness by a whopping 20 percent [1].  In addition, this group missed 43 percent fewer days at work and school as a result, thus demonstrating the effects of proper hand washing on overall health.


We all know that exercise is good for us, but how good is exercise for the human body?  For starters, exercise is known to help reduce the risk of cancer, type II diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, metabolic dysfunction, obesity, and hyperlipidemia.  In addition, there is some evidence to suggest that exercise is beneficial for the common cold, which is highly prevalent during the holiday season.  A study performed months ago found that moderate exercise reduced the risk of the common cold by 27 percent among 134 exercisers [2].  While many exercise to look good and feel even better, consider keeping with your exercise routine during the holiday season to help reduce the risk of obtaining the common cold this winter. Try this simple At-Home Winter Workout

Deep Breathing

The holiday season is a joyous time of the year however it is stressful for many.  During the holidays, the number of heart attacks and strokes rise as a result of stress.  In addition, high levels of chronic stress are known to increase one’s risk of infection and illness.  To help prevent accumulating stress levels and to help regulate health, consider deep breathing every day to help reduce tension, anxiety, and stress in the body.  Deep breathing is simple to perform and can be performed anywhere.  Using the stomach to push air out and breathe in, inhale and exhale over a span of five seconds each and add a slight pause after each five seconds.  Repeat this process for a total of 20 complete breaths and repeat as necessary.  Keeping or starting a deep breathing program this holiday season is likely to help keep you healthy and illness-free.


The holidays are about being with the individuals with whom you enjoy the most.  Maintaining a healthy and sociable lifestyle will help prevent the holiday blues and will help keep you healthy.  If you struggle on the socialization aspect this time of the year, consider inviting a few friends to your house or to a public setting for starters.  In addition, many employers offer seasonal parties, which help increase co-worker bonds.  Try adding an element of socialization this holiday season to help keep your attitude and spirits high.

Watch What You Eat

This is the most important aspect over the holiday season.  While it is ok to have and try sweets and to eat rich food, doing so in moderation will help reduce the chances of gaining holiday weight and becoming ill as a result of consuming too much.  The holidays are about moderation and your diet is no different.  Consider tracking your diet this holiday season and aim to try new healthy and light recipes this year.  Click here for some tips on healthy cooking.





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