Top Exercises for a Bigger Butt

Top Exercises for a Bigger Butt

Having a defined butt is something many individuals strive to have.  Men want a defined, bigger butt to help increase functionality and to help other aspects in the gym.  Women want a shapely, defined butt to look good in jeans, skirts, or to help with other aspects in the gym as well.  Regardless of the reasons, having a shapely butt is high in demand and can have you looking and feeling amazing.

You may have seen different workouts or may have worked with a friend who had you working your glutes in various ways, but you never really achieved the butt you wanted.  Why is that?  You got sore, did some exercises, but never saw the ultimate results.  Is your body simply not suitable for a nice butt or will it be too much work to define and grow your butt to where you want?  This article will give some guidance on exercises for how to grow, define, and shape your butt for better results.

Top Exercises for a Bigger Butt

  1. Stair Climbing. The butt is the glute area on your body.  In other words, your butt is composed of the gluteus maximus (primary large muscle in your butt), gluteus minimus (primarily the outer part, near the hip), and the gluteus medius.  These muscles all move the leg in varying directions.  To work the gluteus maximus, you need leg extension.  To work the gluteus medius and minimus muscles, you need to perform some leg abduction.  One exercise to work these areas is to perform some stair climbs [1].  Whether you use a stair climber, office stairs, or a stadium, they work your glute muscles by lifting the body upward with each step.  Start with a moderate pace of stair climbing and start with about five minutes.  Once you are more acclimated, increase your time by one to two minutes every week to keep your glutes working.  If you want to add more resistance, wear a weighted vest or carry five pound dumbbells during the stair climbs.
  2. Squats are the go-to exercise for your glutes because they directly work the glutes.  To define and shape your butt and to make it bigger, you should perform heavier lifting (safely).  A pyramid program of weight lifting will help increase your butt muscle size to get you the size you want.  Your pyramid program should consist of three sets of decreasing reps and increasing weight.  For example, set one should be 10 reps of a particular weight that becomes challenging around rep 9 or 10.  Set two should consist of eight reps of a higher weight (maybe 20 pounds?) where you are challenged around rep six.  Your last and final set should include six reps of more weight (maybe 15 pounds added?) to where you are now challenged around rep three and will need assistance towards the end.  This style of lifting ought to help you achieve big butt status.
  3. Hip Lifts. Hip lifts are another exercise which directly works the glute muscles.  Lifting and holding your hips towards the ceiling when lying flat on the ground gets tedious after a few reps.  When lifting the hips, be sure to squeeze the glutes and hold the position for a few seconds before lowering for more reps.  For a modification and more challenge, refer to this hip lift and try performing about three sets of maximum reps.
  4. Side Squats. A variation to the squat is a side squat.  For this, you step one foot out to the side a couple of feet and lower the body into a squat.  This style of squat is perfect for working every glute muscle and will add to the total definition of the glutes.
  5. It is a little unclear as to how this moniker came to be, but it is a great exercise for the glutes.  If you want a bigger, shapelier butt, try three sets of maximum reps of rainbows.  Start with the hands and knees into the floor.  Keeping a straight leg in one leg, lift that leg up towards the ceiling, squeezing the glutes with each lift [3].  Additional images and directions can be seen here.


Your Challenge

Over the next month, work your glutes regularly to help define, shape, and grow your glutes.  Aim to work the glutes three times per week and give the exercises listed above a try.  For exercises like the heavy squat, aim to increase your squat weight by 10 percent in the month and make sure to have a spotter.  Mark down all of your progressions over this next month and take pictures to help track your personal progress.





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