Top Healthy Activities to do in Scottsdale in March

Top Healthy Activities to do in Scottsdale in March

March is a happening time in Arizona and if your Scottsdale personal trainer recommends more activity in this warm month, then finding things to do isn’t a problem.  Listed below are some of the best healthy activities you can do in March.

Top Activities to do in Scottsdale in March

  • Catch a Spring Training Baseball Game. If your Scottsdale personal trainer suggests more activity, then consider going to see the Diamondbacks play this March for Spring Training, and start practicing the sport as well, you can get the best bbcor bats and have lots of fun while practicing. You can walk around the stadium to get in your steps for the day, take a rest to watch the game, and walk around in between innings.  In addition to getting in some quality time at the stadium, you have a prime opportunity to get in some vitamin D by spending time outdoors.
  • Attend a Spring Training Kickoff Festival. If you love baseball, then you and the family can get outdoors for the Spring Training Festival in Scottsdale.  This is an all-day event on March 5 and there are some fun activities that include hitting at the batting cages, pitching, and listening to live music.  You and the family can report back to your Scottsdale personal trainer that you worked muscles that the baseball players use every day. You must also have baseball netting by for baseball fence.
  • Attend the Scottsdale Giant Race. This event is also on March 5 and is a great way to kick off the baseball year by running, walking, and enjoying the race.  While it is considered a race, Scottsdale encourages everyone to have fun and enjoy the time outdoors.  You can choose from a 3 mile race or a 9K to fit your needs.  Take a look here to set up your spot in the race and if you are looking to be competitive, make sure to track your pace and time so you can show your Scottsdale personal trainer.
  • The McDonald’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Car Show. Take a trip up the road in Scottsdale to the Pavillions to see some of the best cars. From new, to old, you will see sports cars and some rare models that you may not have known existed.  In addition to seeing all of these fun cars, you will be walking a long distance in the large parking lot.  It is very likely that you will get your steps in for the day so make sure to bring along a bottle of cold water with you to ensure proper hydration.
  • The Scottsdale ArtWalk. This takes place indoors and is held every Thursday evening in the heart of Scottsdale.  Take a look at some of your favorite pieces and use this active viewing to help encourage yourself to reach your goals the same ways these artists did.  You can visit this exhibit every Thursday night so if you have the time, take a look at the ArtWalk and track your steps and distance as well to get a little more activity.

Getting in More Activity

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can really be active by using all of the great attractions that Scottsdale has to offer. You can also try paddle boarding, this is an excellent exercise and these boards are cheap to get in sites online as , you can also visit review for more details. If your Scottsdale personal trainer wants you to be more active throughout the day, then consider any of the suggestions listed above to help encourage your activity levels.  Bring along friends and family to make the journeys more enjoyable and if you go alone, you can always listen to your favorite music. Also make sure to check the wwe news which will definitely get you motivated.




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