The Ultimate Chiseled Chest Workout

The Ultimate Chiseled Chest Workout

Building a chiseled and muscular chest can magnify your look (men and women).  A chiseled chest can add to a defined upper arm area and can fill in the area to give men a broad shoulder look.  The chest is one area used to measure body fat using the skin fold method (calipers and pinching method) because fat can easily accumulate in this area.

What Can Chiseled Pecs do for you?

Having strong, chiseled pecs entails more than aesthetics.  A chiseled chest can be a result of increasing the amount of weight you lift on the bench press.  Having strong pecs will increase your ability to push the arms in front of the body, which is highly important in American football.  Lastly, strong pecs can help increase your ability to perform a push-up, which is crucial in physical fitness tests such as the police academy, military, and other defense careers.  How does one get chiseled pecs?  Listed in the remainder of this article is a routine to try the next time you are at the gym to achieve the strongest chest of your life.  Attempt to complete the workout in order below and remember to learn good form.

The Ultimate Workout for a Chiseled Chest

If you find yourself continuously working on a seated press to gain bigger pecs, this routine will help guide you towards progressions.

  1. Standard push-ups. The standard push-up is a great addition to any chest workout and can be mixed anywhere in the routine.  Start out with basic push-ups, keeping the body as straight as possible during the downward motion.  Attempt to lower the chest completely down, leaving only an inch or two from your chest and the floor.  This greater range of motion for the push-up is great for increasing strength in the pectoral muscles and will quickly add to your chiseled chest.  If you are a beginner, start with three sets of 10 push-ups and modify as needed.  Once you are able to complete three sets of 10, you should increase your reps by three each set.  Rest between sets for 60 seconds.
  2. Dips are a great way to add strength in the pectoral muscles and the movement in the arms requires a mammoth amount of strength.  To master the dip, it is best to start with lower reps.  This will enable your body to learn perfect form and technique to increase your efficiency in the exercise.  Once you are disciplined in your lift, try the weighted dip, which is one of the best exercises for a chiseled chest [1].  Start with three sets of five dips without weight and progress with more reps until you can safely complete each set.
  3. Weighted close-grip push-ups. If you are tired from the previous sets of push-ups, consider this set the one which adds bulk to your pectoral muscles.  The close-grip push-up is great for adding a much needed elbow flexion during the lowering phase and will require a great amount of pectoral strength to raise the body upwards.  A partner will be needed during the weighted portion of the push-up and be sure to keep the elbows close to the body [2].  Have your partner add light weight in the middle of your back and adjust as necessary.  Start with three sets of 10 and progress as needed.  Rest in between sets for one minute.
  4. Dumbbell chest fly. The chest fly is the best exercise for defining the pectoral muscles, which is ideal for creating a chiseled chest.  The arm rotation across the body is the exact movement caused by the pectoral muscles, which constitutes about 100 percent pectoral muscles during the exercise.  This underscores the importance of safety for this lift.  Start with light weight if you are not experienced with the lift.  Lying flat on your back on a bench, both dumbbells go to each side and try not to let the dumbbells lower underneath the shoulders.  Have a slight bend in each elbow to avoid shoulder injuries.  The goal is to rotate the arms in front of the body so the dumbbells touch, then lower slowly back down.  Start with three sets of 10 reps of the chest fly.  Progress with more weight and keep the amount of sets and reps the same.





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