Upper and Lower Thigh Exercises for Lean Legs

Upper and Lower Thigh Exercises for Lean LegsWhen it comes to having beautiful legs, it is important to shape, tone, and work the entire leg; this means the top and the bottom portions.  Many understand that a leg extension machine will work the tops of the thighs, but many may not know that it works mostly in one area of the leg.  The thighs are one of the most important elements in completing your slim look and with a few added exercises to your program you can have good legs in no time.

Working the thighs should include plentiful strength training, endurance training, and functional training.  When this is accomplished, the body is ridding excess fat throughout the entire body, including the legs; when this happens, the thighs are bound to look amazing.  Aim to work the hip flexors and other exercises which flex the hip at the thigh area.  In order to work the bottom of the thighs, aim to perform exercises where the thighs extend against a force (the leg extension would be a great example for this).  In order to have beautiful looking and toned legs, aim to work both the tops and bottoms of your thighs by adding the following exercises into your workout program.

Upper and Lower Thigh Exercises for Lean Legs

Upper Thighs

  • Stability Ball Squats. The squat is one of the most effective exercises for your thighs [1].  This exercise has a few different motions at differing joints in the body.  On the descent, the hip flexes and the body lowers down (this is due to the upper thighs slowly lowering the body down).  Place the stability ball in the lower part of your back to perform this exercise.  An example can be found here on how to set up the exercise.  Start with three sets of ten to help shape the upper thighs.
  • Supine Single- Leg Circles. The single-leg circle is great for working the abdominal area of the body and it really works the upper thighs.  Starting in a prone lying position, a straight leg directly above the body starts this exercise, as shown here.  Start with three sets of 10 leg circles with each leg and progress with more reps as necessary.
  • Stair Climbs. This exercise is great for working the entire leg area, but it is pretty effective at toning the upper thighs [3].  The hip flexing aspect in stair climbs works the upper thigh area and depending on the height of the stair, the step up on the bench can work the upper thigh as well.  Start with a few flights of stairs or about five minutes on the stair climber in the gym and progress with more heights or more time.  Start with walking steps and progress with a running stair climb.

Lower Thighs

  • Lunges are great for the entire leg, causing great bend at the hip area, but lunges work a great deal on top of the thighs close to the knee joint.  Start with alternating lunges and aim to touch the lower knee down on the ground each time.  Start with three sets of 10 each leg and progress with more reps.  For more progression, perform lunges with one leg at a time.
  • Leg Extensions. This is something you perform on a machine, but leg extensions work the lower part of the thigh close to the knee joint.  Start with three sets of 10 and add weight when you can complete all three sets without difficulty.

Your Challenge

It takes time for your muscles to adapt and transform so be sure to give ample time on a consistent schedule.  You should aim to keep a regular program with progressions at least for two months in order to see results.  Challenge yourself to hit the gym regularly for the next two months and aim for three times per week to work the thighs.  For more guidance on your form and technique, ask your personal trainer for tips, hints, and guidance.



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