What You Need to Know About Meditation

What You Need to Know About Meditation

Let’s face it – Phoenix, AZ is a great place to live if you’re looking to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  For example, you can exercise outdoors most of the year and there are a tons of great gyms you can go to.  While fitness is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, it’s just as important to work on your mental health so your mind and body are able to relax and recharge.  If you’re interested in trying out meditation, this article will go over the basics so you can incorporate it into your routine and live a healthy, balanced life.

What You Need To Know About Meditation

For starters, mediation is a way to train your mind just as you train your fitness.  Meditation is a way for the mind and body to release negative thoughts to achieve inner balance. Listed below are two of the most common forms of meditation with an example of each and what it aims to achieve, for both of them it will be goof if you own one you will be able to relax in a better way.

  • Concentration Meditation. This form of meditation is used for focusing on something, which is called a focus point.  Focusing on one point for a period of time, such as your breath or a mantra, allows you to let go of random thoughts.  This process allows you to train your mind to have improved focus.  No longer will you need to drink another cup of coffee to focus; rather a simple meditation can help you gain this benefit.
  • Mindfulness Meditation. This is a practical form of meditation and may have the most purpose and meaning in real world situations.  It is a form that encourages you to simply observe your thoughts and how they wander about.  This method is to teach your mind to become aware of your thoughts and tendencies so that over time, you can avoid judging certain thoughts as “bad” or “good.”  With time and training, your mind develops a great sense of inner balance.

The Benefits of Meditation: Why Everyone Ought to Learn

We lift weights at the gym to work on our strength and we go on a run to improve our cardiovascular fitness, but typically,  we tend to forget about our mental health. So what can meditation do for you?  Follow along ahead for some of the benefits.

  • Better heart rate variability. Heart rate variability flows with your circadian rhythm and you need to have it to survive as a human.  The better variability, the better your heart health.
  • Improved blood flow. When you meditate, your blood vessels dilate just like when you exercise and the blood flows more to your brain since this is what you are working.  The more blood flow, the more nutrients.
  • Defeat illness. Save your money and prevent future illnesses just from regular meditation.  Those who exercise and meditate regularly are reported to have fewer illnesses and sick days than those who do not meditate.  While it is not a cure, it is a great way to keep your immune system as a finely tuned machine.
  • Improved focus.
  • Reduced stress and stress hormones.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Better weight management.
  • Beautiful and healthy skin.

Incorporate Meditation

You can meditate almost anywhere at any time.  For simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to meditate, use the steps found here.  The best place to meditate is somewhere quiet.  Your office desk can work, the yoga studio at the gym, or simply at a red light are all places you can meditate.  The point here is that meditation does not take much of your time and the benefits are pretty great when it is all said and done.  Let’s make Phoenix, AZ the healthiest city by exercising daily and meditating whenever possible.


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