Why Body Fat Is More Important Than Body Weight

Why Body Fat Is More Important Than Body WeightWhen looking to stay lean, look good, and be healthy, you are most likely to be spending a good amount of time on the scale.  Weight management is one of the biggest factors for people working as hard as they do day in and day out, but while body weight is one factor of how well your program is working, it is not the most important factor you should be monitoring.

Body Fat Measurements Are More Important Than Body Weight on the Scale

When following a strict program for weight loss, what is the one thing you want to lose on your body?  Fat.  Fat is an essential aspect in our everyday diet and not only does it provide ample energy for times in need, it stores endless amounts.  If you are the person looking to lean out, fat is the one part of your body you need to shed.  This is something you cannot measure on the scale, which is why other methods are needed, such as the DEXA scan.

Body Fat Monitoring

One of the best ways to measure your body fat is to have a DEXA scan.  This is a valuable diagnostic test to have performed for your body and one of the reasons why it is so great is it will reveal where the most vulnerable areas of your body are and where your fat is being stored.  Think your abs are looking as cut as they will ever be?  With the DEXA, you will be able to understand if you have visceral fat in your abdominal area.  This is ideal for trying to shred unwanted fat from the body and it is important to know what exactly is inside.  When you step on the scale, you only get one value and that is your body mass.  You might have lost 7 seven pounds last month, but how do you know it was not all muscle you lost?  With a DEXA test, you will be able to know this information.  Use the DEXA test to help guide you in your pursuit in the type of body you are searching for.  Listed below are some body types to help you determine where you are now and so you can set goals for the future.

Body Types

Ectomorph.  This is the type of body that many individuals have.  You see these types on TV and in movies.  The individual with an ectomorph body type is typically tall and skinny, with little muscle mass and more body fat percent that the average person (even though they may appear to be skinny, they have a lot of body fat).  The ectomorph is considered healthy from BMI standards, but this style is more likely to carry some “hidden” fat and have little muscle.

Endomorph.  Unlike the mesomorph body type, the endomorph is stocky, shorter, carries muscle mass, and generally carries fat.  This body type typically shows more body fat than some of the stronger people you meet and this person is more likely to struggle to show definition in the muscles they have.  Obesity, defined from body fat values, is likely to be present in this body type and BMI will be higher than it should be.

Mesomorph.  This is the body type that many men strive to have.  It is typically characterized by an athletic shape and this person is more likely to have muscle definition show following a workout.  This body type represents hard work, strong training, and a healthy lifestyle that results from performance training and proper eating habits.

Reduce the Fat for Visible Muscles

Working out hard is one part of your workout that will add definition, shape, and have your body feeling amazing.  In addition, reducing body fat can reduce your waist line, increase your energy levels, and have all of your clothes fitting much better.  In order to get this look and feeling, it is essential to reduce body fat to healthy levels.  For most men, this will range anywhere from 8-12 percent body fat and try not to fall under five percent fat on your body.  Similarly, women should look to reduce body fat levels to around 15 percent.  When you reach this level, your body is able to show off the hard work you put into your abs, glutes, arms, and hips.

Your Next Goal

The lean look is in, so be ahead of the game and get your body fat checked sometime over the next month.  Once you get your results, ask yourself where you want to be in your training.  If you want to look lean and show your results, then consider dropping your body fat to the suggested level for your sex.  In addition, if you are considering a weight loss program, reducing your body fat will have more value than stepping on the scale and seeing your weight loss occur as muscle mass loss.



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