Women’s Inner Thigh Gap Exercises

Getting a thigh gap when you stand straight with your feet together is a dream come true for women who want to look good when wearing sexy shorts and bikinis. Most dieters work hard in order to achieve this coveted feature and women also help themselve.  However, in spite of their efforts, they still find it very difficult and almost impossible to spot reduce fat on the inner thighs.

A thigh gap is not for everyone

While there are people who can lose weight on their thighs, there are also others who can’t reduce fat on their thighs no matter how hard they work out. But why is it so? Apparently, the genetics and the amount of fat present in a persons body really count when it comes to losing stubborn fat off your thighs (or any other area of the body for that matter).

If you are carrying a large amount of fat around your legs and buttocks, it may take a while before you lose some fat on your thighs. Similarly, if you’re built to have hips that are set too closely together, it may be virtually impossible for you to have a thigh gap.

There’s a danger when it comes to forcing your body to burn fat in the thigh area. If you’re aiming to get a model-like thigh gap, but you’re not genetically designed to lose weight on your thigh, you can suffer from over-exercising and under-nourishment — and ultimately damage your metabolism, which makes weight loss extremely hard. Hence, you need to ensure that you can realistically achieve a thigh gap before you pursue extensive diets and workouts to get slimmer thighs. If you had the thigh gap some years ago, maybe prior to putting on the weight, then yes regaining it is a possibility, but if you’ve never had a thigh gap in your life, even when you were at your best (lowest) body weight, chances are you won’t get one even with all the effort in the world.

How to get slimmer thighs

To help you find the best exercises to achieve sexier thighs, here is a list of inner thigh workouts that you can perform daily.

Wide-Stance Squat

Wide-Stance Squat also known as sumo squat can be performed with or without using barbells. This type of exercise targets the quadriceps and it helps to improve muscle tone on the inner thighs. To perform this exercise you need to stand with your feet slightly apart with your toes pointed out to 10o’clock and 2o’clock. The distance between your feet should be wider than your shoulder width. Once you assume the position, you can slowly lower for two counts into a squat position. Stay still for one count then straighten your legs for two counts and repeat all over.

First-Position Plié Squat

To perform the First-Position Plié Squat, you need to stand in first position with your toes pointing to the corners of the room. Plie and lift onefoot off the floor while you slowly shift your weight onto the standing leg. Hold to your position while you bend the ankle of the bent leg to tap the toes into the floor and back up again.  When both legs are stationary with only the food of the bent leg touching the floor, you can tap for four counts of eight or 25 to 25 taps. Then, you can return back to the normal position and repeat on the other leg. You can finish 4 repetitions on each side.

Squat with ball

Squat with ball is a fun exercise that can work your hip, calf, thigh and abdominal’s. While performing the exercise you can also include upper body exercise to increase the amount of calories burned. To perform the exercise you position your feet shoulders-width apart with your toes pointing straight ahead. Place a medium ball or a knotted towel between your legs above the knees. You need to keep the ball in place by squeezing the ball with your inner thighs. Lower into squats and pulse for two counts and hold for one. Return to the original position for two counts and repeat.

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