Men’s Fitness & Nutrition Program

Unleash your inner athlete and forge a stronger you with Lucas James – your personalized men’s fitness trainer. Craft the perfect physique, sculpted to your goals and lifestyle.

Lucas James’ Fitness Program for Men Over 40 – How it Works

1. Onboarding

Share your goals with our quick contact form. The more you tell us, the better! We’ll use this information to craft a personalized plan that fits your unique needs and gets you the results you deserve.

2. Training Program & Meal Plan

We’ll design a personalized workout plan built around your goals, complete with delicious and healthy recipes to fuel your journey.

3. The Journey

Your personalized fitness journey with Lucas James starts here. We bring the expertise, you bring the drive!

Why Choose Lucas James as Your Men’s Fitness Trainer?

If you’re a man over 40 and are looking to improve your fitness, Lucas James can help you achieve your goals. Here is why our tailored training services are beneficial for you:

  • Focus on age-specific needs
    As men age, their bodies change. Lucas James’ team can design a program that considers these changes, like incorporating exercises for bone density, flexibility, and balance, which become more important over 40.
  • Injury prevention and modification
    We are skilled at recognizing and preventing exercise-related injuries, which are common as we get older. We will modify exercises or suggest alternatives to keep your workouts safe and effective.
  • Optimizing workouts for hormonal changes
    Testosterone levels naturally decline after 40. We will create a program for you that emphasizes exercises known to boost testosterone and improve overall health.
  • Building muscle mass
    Muscle loss (sarcopenia) is a concern after 40. Our workout programs focus on strength training, which helps maintain muscle mass and metabolism.
  • Goal-setting and progress tracking
    We will help you set realistic goals that consider your age and fitness level. We will also track your progress and adjust your program as needed, keeping you motivated.

Personalized Training Programs

Forget cookie-cutter plans! We craft workout and meal plans tailored to YOU, considering your body type, goals, and health background. This ensures maximum results, not just wasted sweat. Our secret? We go beyond reps and sets. We offer expert guidance that adapts to your evolving body, providing optimal nutrition to fuel your workouts and keep you progressing.

Customized Meal Plans

Our expert team creates delicious, goal-crushing meal plans that fit your life, whether you’re aiming for weight loss, muscle building, or peak athletic performance.

Forget stressing about meals: we will provide you with a customized nutrition program for men with easy recipes, streamlined shopping guides to make grocery runs a breeze, and expert nutritional breakdowns so you understand exactly what fuels your body.

With Lucas James, healthy eating becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on crushing your workouts and achieving those fitness dreams.

Fitness Education & Ongoing Support

We’ll guide you through the science of fitness, helping you understand your body and tailor workouts for maximum results. Learn how nutrition fuels your goals, and discover the secrets to lasting success. Our treasure trove of resources and supportive community are there for you every step of the way. We’ll answer your questions, keep you fired up, and be your biggest cheerleader as you crush your fitness goals!

Explore Lucas James Expertise

No matter what your fitness goals are, Lucas James is here to help you achieve them. We offer expertise in several key areas to ensure a comprehensive approach to your fitness journey:

  • Weight & Fat Loss
    Ready to lose those extra pounds? Our tailored exercise programs and carefully designed meal plans will support you in reaching your weight loss goals and optimizing your results.
  • Enhanced Performance
    Want to elevate your athletic performance? Our personalized training programs are crafted to boost endurance and strengthen your cardiovascular system, helping you excel on the field.
  • Muscle Building
    Dreaming of a well-defined physique? Our training programs include targeted exercises and a strategic nutrition plan to effectively build lean muscle mass.
  • Nutrition & Diet Planning
    Proper nutrition is essential for fitness success. Lucas James offers a variety of meal plans customized to your specific needs and preferences. We’ll not only refine your workouts but also personalize your diet to achieve maximum results with expert guidance.

Lucas James Men’s Fitness Program Success Stories

GP Minnesota
GP Minnesota
Lucas is the best. Forget all the TV noise and go see THE pro. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the guy. Period!
Erick Johnson
Erick Johnson
I’ve now lost over 40lbs with Lucas and with his team of personal trainers and dietitian. His gym is super luxurious, he has his own fitness app for when I’m traveling for work to stay on top of my workouts. I’ve lost over 15 inches off my body and 11% body fat. Lucas is the best celebrity personal trainer by far.
Cody Graham
Cody Graham
I have worked with Lucas almost 3 years now. Amazing trainer that really works to help me achieve my goals. He makes working out a blast. Look forward to all my sessions.
Danah Kirsh
Danah Kirsh
Lucas is the best personal trainer you can hire in Scottsdale. His service is exceptional. His plans are detailed and he explains everything you’re doing so you understand the purpose. His workouts are dynamic and fun, challenging and impactful. He is always quick to respond to questions and sends you workouts to do on off days! His tracking system (weight loss, fat loss, body fat %) is state of the art and he uses technology no one else offers. He is well with the money and an investment in yourself is one the most important one! His gym is beautiful but, if you live in the area he will come train you at your gym! You can’t get better- hire Lucas today!-
Alexa D.
Alexa D.
Lucas James provides a valuable service distinct from any program/class/one-on-one training I have tried in the past to achieve my fitness goals. My experience over the past 7 weeks exceeds expectations. The personal training and nutrition programs are fantastic, complementary, and easy to incorporate into my busy schedule as an anesthesiology resident. Personal Training – Lucas is an exceptional trainer with a down-to-earth personality. Workouts are versatile, challenging yet practical, and evolve according to my fitness level. Lucas thoughtfully selects balanced exercises based on my goals to lose weight, become lean, and eat healthy. He also seeks feedback often so that I can get the most out of the training. Nutrition Program – Mary is an experienced registered dietician that offers outstanding guidance and support. She is skilled at crafting and modifying my nutrition plan so that it satisfies my taste buds, meets my physiologic needs, and supports fitness goals. Mary sets me up for success with a variety of healthy meal/snack options for any situation whether I'm at home or on-the-go. She also helps me make smart food decisions when I have no time to plan or end up eating hospital cafeteria food during a long shift. Overall, I can see noticeable improvements in my appearance, strength, energy, and mental wellness because of both programs. Absolutely worthwhile!
Sam Morris
Sam Morris
I am so glad that I started online with Lucas and his team. As a traveling professional, my lifestyle can make be an obstacle to overcome fitting in workouts and nutrition between living in hotels, restaurants and constantly shifting sleep cycles. Thanks to the guidance of Lucas and Mary (nutritionist), I’ve lost over 2% body fat in just over a month and am well on my way to achieving my goal. Lucas and Mary take the time to learn you, what matters most to you, and help set realistic, attainable goals along with consistent guidance to getting you there. With constant check-ins and program adjustments both in workouts and nutrition, I am more confident than ever in myself and my body. Thanks to the team from the guidance this far, and looking forward to smashing my goals in 2022!
Ron Broglio
Ron Broglio
Lucas James works with a range of clients. He helped me get from mediocre to athletic and from a from generic body to well sculpted. His direction, support, and encouragement helped me get on the path and stay on it. Each month brought results beyond what I could have expected and well beyond what I could have done on my own. Totally worth it.
Daren Calvin
Daren Calvin
I’ve been working out with Lucas since I moved to Scottsdale about 1.5 years ago. Lucas is the first true personal trainer I’ve worked with, but I have had multiple gym memberships at various places, some of which allowed me to sign up for one-off 1:1 training sessions. Unfortunately, none of those gym memberships or 1:1 training sessions worked for me. The difference between my prior memberships and Lucas is the accountability factor and the added bonus of having a registered dietitian helping from a nutrition standpoint. No one at 24 Hour Fitness is holding you accountable to show up everyday, and no one at Orangetheory is delivering a workout that is tailored to your specific goals. Lucas has been great about adjusting workouts based on my personal objectives, and his dietitian has been equally great with consistent recommendations specifically for me. Above all: Lucas switches it up so it’s not boring and mundane, he’s fun and personable, and he’s flexible with my crazy busy work and travel schedule. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to get fit. If you put in the work, you will see results!
Brad Berry
Brad Berry
I started training with Lucas James a month ago and he is very professional, fit and very knowledgeable. He has developed a complete workout program for me, plus a complete nutrition plan developed by himself and a registered dietitian that is just for me. The gym is very nice with kind of a nightclub look to it inside. It is very clean and stocked with a wide variety of exercise machines, free weights and floor exercise space. Lucas will keep you moving and work you, but he makes it fun and enjoyable. I feel like I am getting on the correct path now with my program for which I am grateful for meeting Lucas.
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  •   I've been working out with Lucas since I moved to Scottsdale about 1.5 years ago.

    Lucas is the first true personal trainer I've worked with, but I have had... read more

    thumb Daren C.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Lucas James

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and out of shape? Lucas James, a Scottsdale, AZ, personal trainer, can help you ditch the extra weight and build your dream body.
Lucas James isn’t your average trainer. He’ll make fitness fun and keep you motivated, helping you achieve lasting results that go beyond just looking good. And the best part? Your first consultation is free!
Don’t wait any longer! Start your fitness journey today with the best fitness program for men by Lucas James and experience a remarkable transformation. Unleash your full potential and contact Lucas James now!


What are the benefits of a personalized program over a generic one?
A personalized program considers your individual needs and preferences, leading to better results, increased motivation, and a lower risk of injury.
How often will I need to work out?
The frequency of workouts will be determined based on your fitness level and goals. We typically recommend 2-4 workouts per week.
Can I do the workouts at home or at the gym?
The program can be adapted to your environment, whether you prefer to work out at home, the gym, or outdoors.
Do I need to follow a strict diet?
We focus on providing sustainable and healthy eating habits, not restrictive diets. We’ll work with your preferences to create a plan that supports your fitness goals.
How quickly will I see results?
Individual results will vary depending on factors like your starting point, consistency, and nutrition. However, with dedication, you can expect to see improvements in strength, endurance, and body composition within a few weeks.