Men’s Fitness & Nutrition Program

Men's Scottsdale Fitness Training

Lucas James, fitness and nutrition expert, is very proud to offer a comprehensive a Scottsdale fitness training solution for men, one that combines exercise and nutrition. The two go hand-in-hand. So to keep you from running between two different fitness plans created separately, we add our private fitness training to the custom workout plan and custom meal plan.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle mass or increase your stamina, our custom workout and meal plans will help you do just that. Furthermore, our private training will keep you on track, motivating and pushing you to reach your goals, perhaps much sooner than you thought possible.

Building Muscle and Burning Body Fat

We will build a custom workout plan that is tailored for your specific goals. Focus will invariably be on exercise for building muscle mass and burning fat. The weight training will be designed to put on muscles that will shape your new and improved body. Flat belly, six-pack or eight-pack abs…whatever your underlying objective, our private workout training will put your muscles to work in the right way.

The weight training will sculpt your body into a healthier, more muscular spectacle, one that you will be proud of on countless occasions.

Higher confidence is always one of the benefits our clients enjoy. A well-built body is not just a masculine trait for the heck of it; it improves your life in multifarious ways. Not long after you join our Men’s Fitness & Nutrition Program, you can do a lot of things much better from playing sports to impressing women.

While the workout plan is a simple, easy-to-follow sheet, our private fitness training makes it virtually impossible to go wrong. You will work out in our private facilities, noting the excellent progress visible in the workout sheet every day and on your body every week.

Balancing Fitness With a Balanced Diet

Nutrition is the other ‘wing’ that you need for your health to take off. Our customized nutritional plan keeps your body energized and optimized for the weight training and other exercises in your workout plan.

The best results are achieved when exercise and nutrition plans are made, and hence followed, alongside each other. In addition to being tailored to your unique nutritional requirements, the healthy diet meal plan also suits your workout routine. The meal plan will be developed by a professional nutritionist and is a document running in excess of 30 pages or so, each page loaded with interesting & relevant information and instructions. The nutrition plan will be flexible in the sense that you can decide/alter what you want for your next meal. If you need any help, you can discuss it with us when you come in for the private training or call on us especially for guidance.

A Problem Solver and Go-Getter

The 3-in-1 fitness solution can help you solve many problems that men face. For instance, if you have low testosterone, we will include in your workout and nutrition plans the exercises and foods that are known to increase testosterone production. And during your private training sessions at Lucas James, Celebrity Personal Trainer’s facilities, we can also advise other natural ways of improving testosterone levels.

The same goes for any other issues, as well as specific goals. For example, if you specifically want to develop bigger arms, we will include special exercises and weight training that focus on your biceps and triceps. Your nutritional plan may also be modified accordingly.

The main theme of your Men’s Fitness & Nutrition Scottsdale fitness training program is that it serves your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

The Best Scottsdale Fitness Trainer


As a “Five Star” rated celebrity personal trainer, Lucas James brings exceptional knowledge and passion to his fitness programs. His adaptable and flexible training methodology easily suits your personality, which is a rare and yet invaluable quality in fitness trainers.


Once you sign up for the Men’s Fitness and Nutrition program, you will essentially build a dependable relationship with him, one that makes it easier for you enhance your body. Communication and motivation are central themes of Lucas James’ fitness programs, and they are most useful in this comprehensive Men’s Fitness and Nutrition solution.


Lucas James’ detail oriented aptitude is another boon that sets his programs apart from others. You will feel in control while being guided by him because you will know how well you are making progress through the program that takes into account your personal health.

A lot of other factors make Lucas James the best in trainer in town, as you will joyfully discover during your fitness program. He’s genuinely interested in each client including you. This most certainly goes a long way in ensuring your fitness goals are not that far away.

Even after you finish your fitness training program, you will be able to continue it on your own because Lucas will educate you throughout the program. Lucas James’ Men’s Fitness & Nutrition is an excellent education on overall health that will serve you for the rest of your life in addition to meeting your short-term goals.

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