A Guide to Get Fit for Summer

Summer means longer days and more hours of sunlight. Take advantage of this by getting outside and staying active.

Outdoor Activities to Get Fit for Summer

With it being Arizona, you’ll need to be prepared for the heat when getting fit for summer. It can start to get very warm as early at February. This means you should train early in the day, later at night, or in short intervals near an air conditioned space. You’ll also want to drink ample water the day of your activity. Try out some of these:

  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Sports
  • Dance

Change the treadmill for the outdoors:

If you’re a treadmill runner, try running outdoors. You’ll actively burn more calories running outside, than inside, because of the terrain and temperature. If it’s too hot outside, try running early in the morning or after sunset.

Get Fit for the Summer in Just 2.5 Hours

The general workout recommendation is 2.5 hours per week. If you are a beginner, start with 5-30 minute sessions every week. Focus on exercises that have moderate intensity, but are still challenging.

For clients looking for more than to just get fit for the summer, and want to perfect that bikini body, I write training programs that include strength training. This helps increase their muscle tone and decreases body fat. I write in high reps at low weight to get their heart rate up while still creating lean muscle mass.

Stay Accountable

Getting fit for the summer means sticking to your goals and training routine! Here are my three tools for accountability:

  1. Set GoalsCreate SMART short-term goals to ensure you do not feel overwhelmed and are realistic.S- Specific
    M- Measurable
    A- Attainable
    R- Relevant
    T- Time Sensitive

    I developed a fitness tracking app to use with my clients for just this purpose. Not only will it track their progress, but if they are training with me, or on their own, they can just click a single button and it will begin tracking their time and movements. It alerts me almost immediately, so I can know if they missed a session, or not. I will show you how the app works and make a few SMART goals with you in a free consult. Schedule yours today.

  2. Buddy UpBeing fit and healthy does not mean you have to do it alone. Get your significant other or a friend to start with you. The more support the better!
  3. Pencil It InSchedule your workouts for the week and treat them like a meeting. Studies have shown that people who plan their exercise ahead of time are more likely to stay consistent.

Eat Smart to Get Fit for the Summer

No matter how many sit-ups or hours of cardio you do, you won’t get fit for the summer if you do not eat right. Practice portion control and stick to clean, whole foods for the summer.

I have my clients meet with my team of dieticians to ensure their food choices are perfect for their body. If you’re struggling with how to stay on track nutrition-wise, schedule a free consult today!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If your cupboard is filled with unhealthy food — get it out! Head to the grocery store and load up on vegetable, protein, and high fiber snacks to help you get fit for the summer.

Beware of Your Eatware

Don’t Over-Do Dinner

Don’t Drink Your Calories

A Guide to Getting Fit for Summer

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